BREAKING: Police release photos of car, three guns used by Nashville school shooter, more details

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Nashville police released photos of three guns carried by Audrey Hale when she gunned down six people, including three kids, at The Covenant School on Monday.

Hale, 28, fired multiple rounds inside the private Christian academy, including at cops, before officers killed her, stopping further bloodshed, Metro Nashville police said Monday night.

The police shared images of the three guns they recovered from the scene.

The photos show two rifles and one handgun.  The names “Hellfire” and “Aiden” are seen written on the rifles.   Hale, a biological female who had started using “he/him” pronouns, had used the name “Aiden” on social media.

The Nashville Police Department also shared a photo of Hale’s car, and wrote, “Active shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, drove this Honda Fit to the Covenant Church/school campus this morning and parked. MNPD detectives searched it and found additional material written by Hale.”

Another post shows the entry doors of the building.

“Hale entered the Covenant building after shooting out the glass of these doors,” the police wrote.

Police also revealed that Hale not only killed three children and three staff members, but she shot at police officers as well.

“As officers responded to the Covenant campus, Hale fired on arriving police vehicles from a 2nd story window,” another tweet from the police department reads.

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  1. It’s obvious our journalist have a very difficult time being able to discern the nuances connected to gender identity. Let’s just say this person was a women, female, OK? Another mentally confused individual, most likely highly vaccinated, suffering from underlying chronic neurological disorders. This is very sad…but, at the same time, very typical though not normal for our times.
    I would say…let’s quit striving to be better than, and make a gallant attempt at listening to God.

  2. That’s what we all get for coddling these mentally ill transgender with a 30 pronoun identity. One for each day of the month, and we are suppose to guess who they are on what day? He/She was offended by someone or something so the was to take some other person’s lives. NOW THATS PRIVILEGED!
    Just wait until Russia and China kick off WW-III and the world gives them a taste of the reality of total war, no more safe spaces for you kiddo! No more comfort zones, no more living in fantasy land. The world doesn’t owe them a thing especially privilege.

  3. This person’s dead body should be thrown out someplace in public to be eaten by rats and other vermin. That is all SHE deserves.


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