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President Trump shared a video on social media Wednesday afternoon, as he addressed the American people in a speech from the White House.

“This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made,” the president begins, saying he wants to provide an update on the ongoing efforts to expose the voter fraud and irregularities which took place “during the ridiculously long Nov. 3 election.”

President Trump said the American election system is now under “coordinated assault and siege,” and emphasized that he is not just fighting for the 74 million Americans who voted for him, but is fighting to make sure Americans can have faith in this election and all future elections.

“For months leading up to the presidential election, we were warned that we should not declare a premature victory. We were told repeatedly that it would take weeks, if not months, to determine the winner, to count the absentee ballots and verify the results,” Trump said.

“My opponent was told, ‘don’t campaign, we don’t need you, we’ve got it, this election is done.’ In fact, they were acting like they already knew what the outcome was going to be. They had it covered. And perhaps they did,” he continued.

Trump blasted the Democrat Party for mailing out “tens of millions” of ballots, with virtually no safeguards of any kind, “which allowed fraud and abuse to occur on a sale never seen before.”

Using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext, Democrat politicians and judges drastically changed election procedures just weeks before the election, Trump said.

Condemning the Dominion Voting System machines, the president said U.S. elections need to return to all paper ballots. “We must never again have an election in which there is not a reliable and transparent system to verify the eligibility, identity and residency of every single person who casts a ballot,” he said.

Trump said many people have told him that “the single greatest achievement in your presidency will be exactly what you’re doing right now – voter integrity for our nation.”

“If we don’t root out the fraud that’s taking place in our 2020 election, we won’t have a country anymore,” Trump said, vowing to “restore honesty and integrity to our elections,” and to “restore trust in our system of government.”

President Trump posted the first two minutes of the video on Twitter, then shared the full video to both his Facebook account and YouTube channel. See the two-minute clip below.

Below is the full speech:

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  1. I wonder how many Americans in actuality voted for President Trump? Undoubtedly millions MILLIONS more than the 74 million counted. We must have an election system that is truly fair, or we will have nothing but dictators. The President’s advisors are absolutely correct: this just might be the single greatest accomplishment of his life.

  2. Democrats pretend to be so well educated and smart obviously they are moronic puppets. It takes only a short web search to find expert testimony saying that there is MASSIVE voter fraud and interference with the Dominion voting system. CANT WAIT TO WATCH THE TEARS FLOW!

  3. We were sent ballots in the mail 3 or 4 times. We didn’t ask for any. My husband went to county clerks office for an absentee ballot, filled it out and turned it right back in to county clerks office. I voted in person,but was given a sharpie to vote with and the machine spit it out and I had to put it back in. Grand Rapids Michigan very corrupt. Have no idea if our votes counted.

  4. If this isn’t made right there will be NO reason to vote again, just my belief if they allow this to happen now it will never stop, the American people where ripped off.

  5. Real war is coming.
    These nasty disrespectful lying sons of bit**** needs to disappear on earth. Why do they think their beliefs are above the laws. Why do they think their lives are far more important than the others?. They don’t value humanity, integrity and honor. It’s the same exact thing for our soldiers they do fight terrorism outside US. Why can’t we do it inside US?!… I don’t want my kids to Grow up to an evil world where these sick people’s lurking all the time!!!

  6. And that red typing twitter put on there. Twitter, this has not been disputed, there its fraud all over the US. I think they should recount cali, I think Trump could have won that state as well.

  7. It is sad . I have heard several young people in their 20’s say they will ever vote again
    Because it is rigged. I feel hopeless. I will never forget hearing Nancy say. We have many arrows
    In their quiver. Now we know what she was talking about.
    Biden never campaigned so people did not know what evil things will happen while he is in
    Office . They just saw this frail little man that the must have thought he so frail he would not hurt
    Anyone. He did not know where he was or who he was running against.
    Mostly I heard people do not like how President Trump used Twitter or answered people.


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