BREAKING: Recall effort against woke DA suffers major setback

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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

A petition to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has been found insufficient to qualify for a ballot.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorded/County Clerk Dean C. Logan said his office had completed the examination and verification of all 715,833 petition signatures submitted for the recall of Gascon.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Based on the examination and verification, which conducted in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the California Government Code, Elections Code, and Code of Regulations, 520,050 signatures were found to be valid and 195,783 were found to be invalid,” Logan’s office said in a press release.

Of the invalid signatures, more than 88,000 were not registered, 43,593 were duplicates, 32,187 were a different address, 9,490 were mismatched signatures, 7,344 were canceled, 5,374 were out of county addresses, while more than 9,300 fell under the category of “other.”

“[T]herefore, the petition has failed to meet the sufficiency requirements and no further action shall be taken on the petition,” the release said.

The petition needed 566,857 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

In California, most recall drives see between 20% and 30% of collected signatures disqualified, according to Joshua Spivak, an expert on recall elections and senior research fellow at UC Berkeley Law School’s California Constitution Center.

The recall campaign also sought signatures through a mass-mailing blitz in recent months, which some observers expressed concern might lead to more disqualifications.

In early August, recall organizers began arguing that the review process was unfair. Former Deputy Dist. Atty. Marian Thompson, who has a background in election law, sent a letter to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors claiming the Registrar’s office was using out-of-date processes to verify signatures. She complained that they had been barred from sending observers to monitor the verification process.

Thompson also described the 22% rejection rate as “shockingly large,” even though San Francisco election officials rejected roughly 34% of all petitions submitted during the process that led to Boudin’s recall, according to [Joshua Spivak, an expert on recall elections and senior research fellow at UC Berkeley Law School’s California Constitution Center]. 

According to Fox News, the recall’s backers have a three-week window to review the submitted names in the Registrar.

Backer’s told the outlet that process help them “in gathering evidence for possible litigation.”

After the news was announced, Gascon tweeted, “Grateful to move forward from this attempted political power grab-rest assured LA County, the work hasn’t stopped.  My primary focus has been & will always be keeping us safe & creating a more equitable justice system for all.

“I remain strongly committed to that work & to you.”

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  1. Interesting how much effort was put into this for a DA….just imagine what would’ve been found if the presidential election was actually investigated!!

  2. That POS needs to be dropped out of a plane.
    He is pure evil and SOROS needs to be thrown out with him.
    There needs to be accountability, if they got that many signatures then all the people need to fight back and get rid of these evil POS.
    They are destroying the country and the poor people that have lost loved ones to the filthy criminal that he has let go is appalling.
    Evil Man.😡😡😡😡😡😡

  3. I feel this is the Democrats in play again. Cheating again. It’s so upsetting and sad that in California justice will never prevail.

  4. Is anybody surprised ?? All they have to do is say a certain number of names are invalid and that’s enough to stop it. I say PROVE IT !!

  5. Mismatched? Determined by what? A computer program reconfigured to expect 100% exact match when most people do not sign the same way twice?
    What about the category” other” ? That’s so nebulous they could reject on the pen color being too dark. The signature outside the lines, who knows how many excuses they could invent to reject over 9,000 signatures ? This is he category you use when you’ve rejected by so many other bogus measures and you still need to get rid of more to make it look like a sham that people want him out.
    And this is how most of our votes will be tallied . Against impossible programs calibrated specifically for conservatives to reject – and how democrat votes will be counted giving the largest possible amplitude to be counted .

  6. Interesting no one looking to take down Gaston was able to verify the the names that they were not accepting.

    Sounds like the same with Trump they won’t let you know what they’re doing

  7. You mean to tell me these people went through ever signature man they don’t even check this crap election soros money is bigger then we think

  8. Do the math. 27% found not legal upon audit. I wonder what the real average would be if the same audit was preformed with the last election

  9. Of the invalid signatures, more than 88,000 were not registered, 43,593 were duplicates, 32,187 were a different address, 9,490 were mismatched signatures, 7,344 were canceled, 5,374 were out of county addresses, while more than 9,300 fell under the category of “other.” Do these look like fraud to me? If this happened in a deep blue state, it could happen to all swing states and did happen in 2020.

  10. If only they put that much effort into the regular elections to determine whether the people are actually legally able to vote

  11. You can’t trust the LA County Reg Office. They are full of woke leftist employees. They probably trashed legitimate signatures. This is a copy of what happened to Gov Newsom. His first recall was deemed inconclusive by the Calif State Department in charge of counting cotes. Many Californians suspect the governor employees ditched signatures. On the second round the recall vote went through. However California uses Smartmatic voting machines…the same ones suspected of dlipping votes from Trump to Biden. The Democrats always play dirty and our cunning while conservatives are doll is a butter knife.

  12. If You don’t think that this is a fake certification of signatures, you’ve really been asleep! I’d bet my life that this was an inside job and the, so called, signature identifiers are just bogus and Soros plants for this to fail! This DA is the WORSE nightmare for the city of Los Angeles. Their crime statistics are unacceptable and this jerk is the reason there is no law and order!

  13. Did anyone really think they were gonna get rid of this POS? These democrats lie, cheat and steal to protect their own!

  14. Isn’t is so strange that Demoncrats can stop a recall by alleging fake signatures, but in a real election they want to eliminate the need for signatures on absentee and mail in ballot and they do not want Voter ID. Hypocrites much.

  15. That information was found quickly, don’t you think???? But they couldn’t find any problems with the voter count in the presidential election. Geez, how strange. Guess it depends on how the government wants the vote count to go. I smell a rat!

  16. So wait in this recall you count signatures and validations but in the election of our president you don’t want any of these measures you used for this recall. GFY you bunch of hypocrites. Commiefornia where else does the lunacy deserve better?


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