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Senate Republicans Wednesday filibustered Democrat-backed election legislation, denying it the 60 votes it needed to advance and setting up a potential “nuclear option” gambit by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to use a party-line vote to lower the filibuster threshold for the legislation.

All Republicans voted against a procedural vote on the legislation, which combines two major election bills. The result was a 49-51 vote after Schumer, D-N.Y., changed his vote to the prevailing side so he could offer a motion to reconsider. All other Democrats voted in the affirmative.

The article goes on to state the following:

Now Schumer is expected initiate a “nuclear option” to try to get rid of the 60-vote threshold entirely so Democrats can pass their election legislation.

 “For those who feel that the filibuster is a good thing and helps bring us together, I would ask this question: Isn’t the protection of voting rights, the must fundamental wellspring of this democracy, more important?” Schumer declared.

Schumer declared, “if the GOP blocks this vote—we must change the rules of the Senate to pass these bills.”

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  1. So now what’s Schumer up to? Does this have anything to do with them putting a wall around the capitol? Somethings up, we need to keep a close eye on them.

  2. This is all about NO VOTER ID, ALLOWING BALLOT HARVESTING … to make it easier for illegals to vote and fake ballots. All to make sure that republicans will never win over the house in 2022! This has NOTHING TO DO with the cry of voter suppression. That’s a LIE!!! Federal takeover is to ensure dems NEVER LOSE an election. All about power, control and eventually dictatorship. All about one party rule!! NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

  3. So I guess that means if you don’t like the outcome of a vote you just change the voting rules??? Our government is a wreck! God help us.

  4. That evil bastard Schumer needs to have a heart attack and die. Probably to easy for him, but at least he will be miserable in hell.

  5. I am so happy that the republicans are doing their good job and keep it up we need to win and put Biden and the rest of the Democrats in hell and cry to death.

  6. I hate lying democrats… Such bullsh.t..
    Oh i didnt call anyone Bull Conner or Wallace, not by name at least.. But all u against us are racists…. I hate lying democrats.

  7. If this Bill passes, it declares War on the American Citizens! Tyranny at its Best! It’s the beginning of doing away with the Constitution! People better Wake up!

  8. It’s pretty scary that ppl actually BELIEVE Chucky Schumer and don’t comprehend the Democrats end goal is to control the Government …FOREVER !!!

  9. The only voting “rights bill” the Dems want is a way to ensure they can lie, steal snd cheat such that it will be covered up through the system.


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