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Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Wednesday there was “no circumstance” in which he would vote to eliminate the filibuster, likely ending hopes for some of President Joe Biden’s more ambitious legislative initiatives.

“The filibuster is a critical tool to protecting that input and our democratic form of government,” Manchin wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post. “The time has come to end these political games, and to usher a new era of bipartisanship where we find common ground on the major policy debates facing our nation.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Democrats hold a slim margin in the Senate, with 50 lawmakers and Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. The filibuster requires 60 votes to pass most legislation in the Senate, meaning the votes of all Democrats and 10 Republicans are needed to pass any major policy.

The report notes that Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has also said she does not support ending the fillibuster.

“I have said it before and will say it again to remove any shred of doubt: There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” Manchin declared in his op-ed published Wednesday night.

“Every time the Senate voted to weaken the filibuster in the past decade, the political dysfunction and gridlock have grown more severe. The political games playing out in the halls of Congress only fuel the hateful rhetoric and violence we see across our country right now. The truth is, my Democratic friends do not have all the answers and my Republican friends do not, either. This has always been the case,” Manchin wrote.

“We will not solve our nation’s problems in one Congress if we seek only partisan solutions. Instead of fixating on eliminating the filibuster or shortcutting the legislative process through budget reconciliation, it is time we do our jobs,” he concluded.

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  1. There is one sensible Senator after all. Any true American would agree,the filibuster has to stay as specified by our founders.

  2. We need more of the old school Dems back. I’m not a fan of Manchin, but I agree with what he said 100%. This has gotten so out of hand it’s disgusting and disgraceful to our country

  3. Oh wait don’t celebrate just yet democrats will corner him with threats or bribe give it time people. Democrats stick together no matter what.

  4. Our Country is Doomed if we don’t start working together we can’t keep fighting each other we must come together for the benefit of our nation. Stop the hateful speech on both sides start being Americans again 🇺🇸

  5. Joe is a classy guy as for most of the others well let’s just say they don’t give a crap about you it’s there own little war and your not included anyone that thinks other wise needs there head examine too

  6. Amen! I am not holding my breath though with all of the crazy Obama/Biden executive orders. This country is hanging by a thread! The China/Fauci virus is the greatest heist ever perpetrated on the USA and the world. Bill Gates, Big Pharma, Big Tech and main stream media need to be held accountable. P l a n d e m I c !

  7. The dems will find someone to accuse him of some impropriety and then try to push him out. They don’t allow members to remain that aren’t part of their echo chamber.

  8. Joe Manchin has integrity and love of Country. Even with the Biden administration gave Joe’s wife a position in the federal government, he is standing his ground. A true example of character.

  9. Refreshing. I pray he doesn’t fold. His words sound correct. Time will tell. The Dems will definitely turn up the heat. He needs back up. There has to be more like him. Now is the time to stand up against the progressives who seek to destroy this country. Don’t fold Manchin. Stay strong.


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