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The bipartisan Senate gun bill Thursday cleared a major procedural vote 65-34, setting up a vote on final passage likely later Thursday or early Friday.

The bill, spearheaded by Sens. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, comes in the wake of several recent mass shootings. One at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, was the major driver behind the bipartisan effort.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is an incredibly important day in the United States Senate. Final passage will be either later today or early tomorrow, and we will be well on our way to saving 1000s of lives in this country,” Murphy said Thursday. “30 years Congress has done nothing to try to address the epidemic of school shootings and murders and suicides in this country. And while this doesn’t do everything we need to do. This is a way that we show it’s possible to break the logjam.”

Cornyn said, “Our legislation will save lives and will not infringe on any law-abiding American’s Second Amendment rights. We look forward to earning broad, bipartisan support and passing our commonsense legislation into law.”

House GOP Whip Steve Scalise said Wednesday, “In an effort to slowly chip away at law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights, this legislation takes the wrong approach in attempting to curb violent crimes.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert, said in a press conference, “Since Biden’s election, Democrats have failed at every level. There’s literally only one way Republicans can lose the midterms. That’s exactly what these 14 RINOs, Republicans in name only, have done in the Senate.”

The Recount tweeted Thursday, 65-34: Senate votes to break filibuster and advance the bipartisan gun safety bill, clearing the way for a vote on final passage. The 15 GOP senators who voted for gun safety bill: • McConnell (KY) • Ernst (IA) • Young (IN) • Capito (WV) • Murkowski (AK) • Cornyn (TX) • Tillis (NC) • Blunt (MO) • Burr (NC) • Cassidy (LA) • Collins (ME) • Graham (SC) •Portman (OH) • Romney (UT) • Toomey (PA).”

Election Wizard tweeted, “INBOX: Sen. Rand Paul says he will introduce ‘amendments to correct the constitutional deficiencies’ in the Senate’s gun bill.”

Gun Owners of America tweeted, “🚨 Breaking! 🚨 Within 48 HOURS of releasing bill text, 2nd procedural vote in Senate (65-34) moves unconstitutional gun control package nearly to finish line. 15 Republican Senators voted in favor, despite today’s massive ruling in favor of the 2A at SCOTUS.”

Se. Josh Hawley tweeted, “’I voted no,’ cause it’s a bad bill, but it’s just so typical. You know, ‘No, you can’t see it, no, you can’t see it, OK here it is, now vote yes.’ Sen. Hawley votes no on a new gun bill introduced to the Senate this week.”

Rep. Thomas Massie wrote, “The Senate’s gun control bill is an unserious solution that should be trashed, not passed.”

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  1. Here you go trolls, your getting exactly what you voted for. As you march along just keep your f’n pie holes closed because YOU are the problem!

  2. It’s not a gun safety bill. It’s a restriction of Second Amendment rights bill, and those GOP senators sold us out. Remember their names and get them the hell out of our Senate! If we wanted our rights taken away we’d vote Democrat! Turncoats! Cowards!

  3. All of these rino traitors need to be Fired!!!! Unfortunately many of them have more than 2 years left in office so….. they should be impeached!!! They are traitors to their constituents and are either being bribed or they are as dirty as their dem counterparts! Wake up America…. Vet these candidates and don’t vote for them because they look like good guys, say all the popular things or…. Are your same religion! Buyer beware!

  4. #2A is not for hunting, not about sportsmanship, not about anything other than our right to bare arms, to protect our constitutional republic from illegal subversive tyrants, and communists like Biden and the globalists!

  5. Were they purposely waiting for the scotus ruling today on NY UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun law before they decided to push this through??? Coincidence???

  6. We’re on the brink of them ending the Constitution , entirely.
    They have already been doing innumerable unconstitutional activities for quite some time without any consequences because they own the DOJ, FBI and CIA .
    With the stakes involved in bringing down the Constitutional Republic , to advance the global reset , it’s moving at a faster pace since it was impeded by Trump’s election.
    There’s no number of school children they wouldn’t sacrifice- mainly because they already see us all as expendable once WHO, WEF and UN step up the agenda and release a virus like a genetically enhanced Marburg intended be nearly 80% more deadly than COVID’s 1% death rate .
    It’s no secret anymore they want to save the Earth for themselves by eliminating a staggering percentage of the population using resources they want to last their dystopia for thousand of years into a new future – which they say will have genetically engineered castes of people. If you doubt this , look up Klaus Schwab’s Advisor Yuval Noah Harari and watch interviews.It’s frightening what he believes, supports and projects for mankind, and totally within their reach to do it. .
    There’s a deeper , darker reason nobody dared bust into that school room when they were right there at three minutes armed and with body armor.
    And why , was a mom who was eventually released after being detained by an FBI agent on the scene – even WITH an FBI agent. What the hell was he doing there at the start of this ?
    I think they track these psychos as soon as they pick up on them on social media and help bring them along – nobody’s addressing where he got the guns and an ever increasing reported amount of ammunition. How did he afford it? An unemployed emotionally disturbed young man who carried bags of dead cats around Uvalde ? And NOBODY put together that he was “ dressing like a school shooter “ for months? How convenient was it for a woman to open the back door of the school ( seen on surveillance video) and it just by chance doesn’t automatically close completely just twenty minutes before he ran across a field and entered the school?
    This horrific event has as many inconsistencies as the Vegas Attack did. It suggests to me it was orchestrated by three letter agencies .

  7. Wake up Marcie!!!
    2nd amendment was put in place to prevent a tyrannical government!!!
    Look at every communist country- how’d they get there? By disarming the citizens first!!!
    China, Venezuela, Korea
    Nazi Germany!
    And if you don’t think communists cant set in place shootings to get a supporting reaction from the public; you’re dead wrong!


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