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The Senate on Tuesday confirmed Pete Buttigieg to lead the Transportation Department.

Buttigieg is the 19th Transportation secretary and fifth member of President Biden’s Cabinet to be confirmed by the Senate. He is also the first openly gay Senate-confirmed Cabinet member in U.S. history.

The article goes on to state the following:

He is the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and an Army veteran. He ran against Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary before dropping out of the race and throwing his support to the now-president.

At 39, Buttigieg is set to be the only millennial among Biden’s cabinet members.

The report notes that Buttigieg has voiced support for Biden’s executive order to cancel a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, and has stated that he would be the second-biggest Amtrak enthusiast in the administration.

According to CBS News reporter Ben Tracy, the former mayor was confirmed in a vote of 86-13.

The LGBTQ Victory Fund offered their congratulations.

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  1. I’d like to know what his qualifications were for the job. Most of the people Biden has put in for different positions have no qualifications for the job. Is this on the job training?

    • He has no qualifications I’m sure . He did nothing for South Bend in his 2 terms. Hid the fact that he was gay until after he got his 2nd term alot of ppl wasn’t happy to find that out. Has charges against him for animal abuse as a teen.

  2. Amazing how all his picks are getting put through at record speed whereas the Democrats all battled Trump over every appointment; no matter how qualified.

    • I believe all of them standing on that stage had an agenda. None of them was honestly running. It was just for looks and it was Biden the whole time. He was mayor of South Bend and has nothing to show for it

  3. Oh, brother! Dumb and dumber! It is what it is and we are forced to live with all the unqualified imbecile’s now running the show!

  4. Ah, butt boy leading another train of shame. Seems perfect for him. Joke Biden is finding every unqualified hack to fill his pansy garden.

  5. What a swamp they are creating, political arena as we know it is finished. You will never clean up the mess in Washington and a BIG thank you to the absolutely do nothing Republicans

  6. Pathetic.
    Take a deep breath and pray
    this 4 year Twilight Zone episode
    will not cause permanent debilitating nightmares and that it will have no chance for a sequel.

  7. Yuck! I live in Mishawaka, Indiana which is next to South Bend. He ran on his “gay” agenda to get votes! He was a horrible Major. did nothing for South Bend and left it in a mess. Construction has stopped everywhere. He got booted out! Then, he sucks up to Wall Street and takes money from them! Wall Street Pete! He showed his true colors! I was impressed with him at first, he seemed intelligent, but, as I did my research on him, I backed off! Hid the fact he was gay, until he ran. He thought his “coming out” would clinch him the Presidency! Not on my watch. I don’t want him teaching our children “it’s ok to be gay and have perverted sex with anyone male, female, transgender, etc. Have you ever looked up “Gay Fisting”? Look it up and see how disgusting that sex act is! This is what Homosexuals do or even some Heterosexuals and it is perverted no matter who engages in it! It so sick. As President he would be signing laws that affect our kids. The only thing good about Petey being in Washington is that as Transportation Secretary he should do something for South Bend, Indiana. We’ll see if he follows through. Biden is really picking the losers…🤨

  8. Why are they confirming Biden’s picks so fast? They should find fault & drag it out like they did to President Trumps nominees! Smh

  9. Spineless Republicans caving to these rotten cabinet picks… I am so sick of this double standard… I remember every one of Trump’s picks taking forever to get thru. .

  10. What, no boast about Biden having nominated the first openly gay cabinet secretary? Oh, yeah — it was Donald Trump who did that, the major difference being that Trump’s candidate was actually qualified.


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