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A tweet raising serious allegations about voting software switching Trump votes to Biden in a majority of states was shared on Wednesday by Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo, as well as by attorney Sidney Powell, who provided legal counsel to Gen. Michael Flynn.

The tweet was originally posted Tuesday night by John Basham, a Meteorologist and retired U.S. Army combat medic.

Basham writes, “BREAKING: #TrumanBlack Has Created A Computer Script That Combs Thru All The Election Data & Identifies Votes That: “SWITCHED” FROM #TRUMP TO #BIDEN & Votes “LOST” That Disappeared! Data Shows ALL SWITCHED Votes WERE TAKEN FROM TRUMP & GIVEN TO BIDEN!”

Basham then includes screenshots of a long list of states, showing how many votes were allegedly switched, and how many were lost, for each state.

The first screenshot lists states that are reportedly using the Dominion Voting Systems. The second screenshot shows states using “unknown systems.”

The tweet also includes a link to a website where all the data is posted.  The website provides links back to the sources where the voting data was obtained.

Also, in a tweet Monday night, Basham wrote, “OPINION: Latest County Level Election Result Swap From #Wisconsin Is Starting To Hint At A Serious & Scary Trend In #Dominion Software Where At Some Point In Election When Trump Is Ahead Of Biden Their Vote Totals Fully Swap Giving Biden Trump’s Votes! None Seen The Other Way!?”

Tuesday night Basham added, “CONTD: See My Tweet From Yesterday Where Many Of Us Had Already Begun To Suspect Something Nefarious Happened With A Large Number Of #Dominion Voting Systems! By No Means Do I Believe This List Shows All Of The Nefarious Actions Taken Using This Software. I Believe It Shows Places Where We MUST Review The Ballots By Hand As Well As The System Software, Logs, & Firmware. If We Don’t Trust Our Elections, There Is No America!”

Sidney Powell also shared the following video with more information on the Dominion voting system:

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, asked Wednesday night, “Any information about Dominion?
Strange to pick a foreign company to count the US vote. Something wrong with this?”

“What do we know about Dominion?” asked Trump campaign advisor Madison Gesiotto. President Trump responded, “It attempted to alter our election and got caught?”

Fox anchor Lou Dobbs tweeted on Wednesday, “Rudy, Harmeet and Sidney are leading the fight on the ground…they are piling up evidence and eye-witnesses at breakneck speed! They’re pursuing truth and chasing the evil-doers out of their rat holes! Run, rats, run!”

Dobbs was responding to a post by Giuliani, who said, “The evidence of fraud is pouring in at an overwhelming pace.”

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