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Attorney Sidney Powell has shared two letters on her Twitter account Saturday that support her allegations of potential election fraud regarding the voting machines used all across America.

Powell has been warning that the software used by Dominion Voting Systems was originally created to “produced altered voting results in Venezuela,” and the two letters she shared on Saturday, dated 2008 and 2010, support those claims.

“It was then taken internationally to other countries, including the US, and was funded with money from Venezuela, Cuba and China,” Powell has warned multiple times, insisting that the voting machines used in the Nov. 4 election have the power to switch votes to determine the winner.

Last Sunday, Fox News host Eric Shawn sought to debunk the claims, and brought on Dominion spokesperson Michael Steel, who claimed that Dominion is a non-partisan American company and insisted, “It is not physically possible for our machines to switch votes from one candidate to the other… there are no connections between our company and Venezuela, Germany, Barcelona… whatever the latest conspiracy theory is.”

On Saturday, Powell re-tweeted links to two letters, one written in 2008 and the other written in 2010, both from John Bonifaz, Legal Director of Voter Action, founder of the National Voting Rights Institute.

Bonifaz, a Democrat, is indicated to be the author of both documents, which provide key details on the history and connections of Sequoia Voting Systems, Smartmatic, and Dominion.


The memo begins, “U.S. national security is potentially at risk because software used to count votes in 20% of the country during U.S. elections is owned and controlled by a Venezuelan-run company with ties to the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chávez, which has been described as “the foremost meddler in foreign elections in the Western hemisphere.” Foreign-owned and foreign-run Smartmatic’s control over votecounting software used in the voting machines of Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. (“Sequoia” or “SVS”) presents a potential national security risk now just as it did in 2006 when the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”) opened an investigation of Smartmatic’s ownership of Sequoia.”

“CFIUS is a U.S. government inter-agency committee led by the U.S. Department of Treasury that addresses national security risks posed by foreign ownership of or influence over U.S. business, including companies providing the means by which voters in the U.S. elect their President and Congressional Representatives.”

Rather than answer to CFIUS regarding the ultimate owners of the Smartmatic conglomerate5 and its ties to the Chávez government, an investment group led by Sequoia management reportedly bought Sequoia from Smartmatic in late 2007 under terms that were not made public.6 Since then, however, it has come to light that Smartmatic continues to own the software that counts the votes on Sequoia voting machines and licenses to Sequoia that software, which Smartmatic develops in Venezuela.7 Concern, now, is that Smartmatic’s sale of Sequoia “was fraudulent”,8 “a sham transaction designed to fool regulators.”9 Efforts to date have not succeeded in determining the ultimate owners of Smartmatic or the extent to which Smartmatic and the Chávez government of Venezuela have influence over U.S. elections through Smartmatic’s control of the software that counts votes for Sequoia voting machines.

The memo reveals that in a 2006 mid-term election, malfunctions in Smartmatic-developed software resulted in 15 or more Smartmatic agents flying to Chicago from Venezuela to help the city complete vote tabulation.

The memo also shares details about a computer science expert testifying, “It’s very easy to replace the software inside a computerized machine so it tells the voter it is voting for one candidate but really puts the vote in the wrong column,” and “You can even program it to do that only on election day.”

The memo includes details on the history of Smartmatic and its ties to Venezuela.

CLICK HERE to read the entire memo dated June 12, 2008.

Letter dated July 6, 2010 – also authored by John C. Bonifaz of Voter Action, is, according to the title, a draft of proposed comments for a July 8-9, 2010 meeting on security concerns for internet voting.

The letter states that Voter Action supports the use of the internet to deliver ballots to military and overseas voters, but warns against “any voting system that uses the Internet, whether by email, web applications, or web-based fax and phone, to deliver ballots that are marked with votes.”

The letter also addresses “the swift rise this spring of Dominion, a littleknown foreign company engaged in Internet voting and with no reported income, to become the first or second largest voting machine company in the United States, after purchasing, in May 2010, voting systems made by Diebold (Diebold formerly was the second largest voting systems company in the U.S. and no longer has a U.S. voting systems business), and after purchasing, in June 2010, Sequoia Voting Systems, the voting machines of which rely on proprietary source code developed and owned by Smartmatic, a company headquartered in Venezuela with ties to the Hugo Chavez government of Venezuela, and the movement of cyber security legislation to the U.S. Senate floor as cyber warfare from foreign nations and persons accelerates.”

The letter includes the following:

Election stealing software on a voter’s computer can cast a ballot independent of the voter’s intention, and the voter will never know. The computer screen will accurately reflect the voter’s choice, but the malware can modify the voter’s vote before it is sent over the internet. In other words, it is the malware that votes, not the voter. [T]he companies that produce internet voting software or process internet-based votes are not safe.

News reports of government and corporate sites being hacked are becoming more frequent. In a March 2010 talk, FBI Director Robert Mueller is quoted as saying that the FBI‟s computer network had been penetrated and that the attackers had “corrupted data.”

Dominion, Now the Largest or Second Largest Voting System Company, Is Foreign Controlled and Depends Upon Secret Source Code Created and Owned by Smartmatic, a Foreign Controlled Company With Ties to The Venezuelan Government Led by Hugo Chavez

Privately-held Canadian voting system company Dominion19 in the past few weeks has purchased (1) Diebold voting systems from ES&S, and (2) Sequoia Voting Systems.20 These purchases reportedly make Dominion the largest or second largest voting system company in the United States.

Touting the purchases, John Poulos, the President, CEO and Director of Dominion declared, “We are extremely pleased to conclude this transaction, which will restore much-needed competition to the American voting systems market and will allow Dominion to expand its capabilities and operational footprint to every corner of the United States.”

The letter warns, “Not only is it not known who owns and controls Smartmatic, we do not know who owns and controls privately-held and Canadian-based Dominion. Does Dominion owe Smartmatic on the Sequoia loan or earn-out? How was Dominion able to finance these Diebold and Sequoia purchases? Who is going to finance Dominion‟s work through the November 2010 election?”

CLICK HERE to read the entire letter dated July 6, 2010.

Below are the links to the documents, which lawyer Sidney Powell re-tweeted on Saturday:

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  1. Any software can be manipulated this is the greatest rip-off to America that I’ve ever seen in my entire life this fraud is so big we have to have those precincts thoroughly remove Dominion machines and have them put in a place to where they could completely be checked out and the vote must be done by hand now they can’t be trusted. We need barcodes or something to trace them back to each legal voter. It’s all rigged for the criminal Democrats.

  2. The criminal Democrats have been committing voter fraud for years how sad how does Schumer keep getting voted in pelosi keep voting in Maxine Waters and on and on and on this is bull crap and let’s not forget that lying Adam shift.


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