BREAKING: Sources reveal latest on whether DA will charge Trump as rumors swirl

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Former President Trump has not been formally notified of whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg plans to bring charges against him, sources familiar told Fox News Digital, amid speculation of a possible imminent indictment.

Sources told Fox News, though, that there remains a real chance Bragg does not choose to indict the former president.

If an indictment is brought, Trump’s attorneys would be immediately notified. If indicted and notified, Trump attorneys would be able to begin negotiating the terms of a court appearance with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Sources there may be an indictment as early as Wednesday, but that Trump may not appear in court until next week.

The U.S. Secret Service and the New York Police Department would collaborate on how Trump’s surrender would work if the former president is indicted.

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  1. Worthless lying piece of shit !!! Biden sells America to China , Obama and killary kill American soldiers , fauci has lied to America , Biden open the border to every terriost and diesease know to man and not one charge !!! Biden took classified documents, peeloser inside trading , Aoc stole money along with a bunch of other liberal thieves nothing done !!! Our government is so corrupt it makes me sick

  2. Mr. Bragg has to think long and hard about this stunt he’s going to try and pull.
    Backfire, would be putting it mildly.

  3. That “over Ripe Melon Head “ Bragg is going to get a whole lotta shit if he indicts Trump.. Soros if your listening your going too far cannot wait until your gone from the planet you are a cancerous pustules breathing our air‼️
    President Donald J. Trump will prevail

  4. Distraction is correct Robert and also, they want to prevent him from running. This Bragg Hag has been financed by Sorry Soros in the past and even now. Bragg is racist against everybody that stands for peace and justice.

  5. Remember this when the GOP is back in power. The Dems have weaponized our government against us. We need to put them down without mercy.


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