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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has stopped the Biden administration from enforcing a requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask on the job.

At the same time, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the U.S.

The article goes on to state the following:

The court’s orders Thursday during a spike in coronavirus cases was a mixed bag for the administration’s efforts to boost the vaccination rate among Americans.

“OSHA has never before imposed such a mandate. Nor has Congress. Indeed, although Congress has enacted significant legislation addressing the COVID–19 pandemic, it has declined to enact any measure similar to what OSHA has promulgated here,” the conservative justices wrote in the opinion.

“Acting outside of its competence and without legal basis, the Court displaces the judgments of the Government officials given the responsibility to respond to workplace health emergencies,” the three liberal justices wrote in a joint dissent.

“Biden’s OSHA vax mandate for private sector employees has always been unconstitutional. Now, it’s unenforceable: Supreme Court just blocked it,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christina Pushaw tweeted in celebration of the ruling. “Huge win for workers’ rights; huge blow to the tyranny of the administrative state. The regime was wrong. @GovRonDeSantis was right.”

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    • Absolutely! Unless you already lost your job and can’t go back, or your employer decided to make it their own rule. Too little, too late. FJB!

  1. N ya got 3 lib/democrats justices that JUST DONT GET IT. Democrat activists on the Scotus.. Smh.. Sotomayor was 100% wrong n no one called her out.. Wtf…GOOD JOB CONSERVATIVES.. actually going by the constitution…ty

  2. It’s bittersweet. Healthcare workers still have to be vaccinated. Even those who have a gazillion antibodies from natural immunity. Thats criminal.

  3. It is equally UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force Healthcare workers to take the poison!!!!!!! The Supreme Court is TOTAL CRAP !!!! Political BULLSHIT !!!!!!

  4. Why kill off health care workers?
    Peter McCullough needs to argue the case.
    Oh, now I understand. It is do their their rich friends in the hospital industrial complex can import cheap labor from other countries- Philippines, Africa, Asia.
    It is ALWAYS about $.

  5. The SCOTUS has discriminated against health care workers! I was terminated because I won’t get the jab and would have been eligible to back to work had they said the mandate against all workers was illegal! How can it apply to some but not all American workers! They have vaccinated healthcare workers testing positive with covid working with patients because they’re shorthanded!
    Am I missing something here?
    I’m furious!

  6. Healthcare workers will walk out. If it’s good for the private sector it’s good for the healthcare workers. This really should be in being for our children as well. The Supreme Court left their job undone. God have mercy on their souls

  7. Healthcare workers you can notify your employer of your religious exemption according to the Civil Right Act of 1964 Title 7. Watch Peggy Hall videos. She has a lot of information. Know your rights!

  8. The spike means the jab doesn’t work, why should Healthcare workers be forced? The general public is okay but not the healthcare workers, sounds like discrimination. Supreme Court is a joke.!

  9. How can it be constitutional to violate the rights of health care employees, but not other employees? This Supreme Court is so weak.

  10. If there isn’t direct patient contact like those in an office setting are they exempt ???? But they still work for you the hospital . There’s going to be a stink possibly. This has happened before in some cases, at least where I worked decades ago

  11. Well half a loaf is better than NONE . Great victory for the businesses and workers. Ok healthcare workers go JOIN that anti discrimination sector !!!!!

  12. I’m glad to hear the ruling. However I have a child who’s a health care worker a sister in the field and another family members who had to be vax because of the job. 1 has held out however. I’m sure more people will lose jobs. I wish the government jobs & military did not have to do this. I still don’t trust this. Now let’s hope the bill they will be voting on soon that can give health departments the right to quarantine you somewhere if they feel you are a risk to the public safety. John Rich tweeted about this and details it. He actively campaigned against this & other constitutional rights. Nashville doesn’t like this. Please see his twitter feed if you have twitter & you can search online for him. I only found this while following a link through here. Interesting read.

  13. This is unacceptable. They are supposed to make a decision on rule of law. It is not their JOB to fix issues!! If it’s not lawful to mandate one group, it’s not lawful to mandate all.

  14. I have read that many hospitals are waiting for VISA’S to clear for international nurses to work in the U.S. hospitals to replace those they have fired because they won’t get the vaccine. This is an OUTRAGE!!

  15. I just told my employer. They said they can do whatever they want. My take is that it’s unlawful and I can sue them. Does anyone know if I can still be made to test weekly and wear a mask at work?

  16. That’s still going to be a problem for healthcare workers. What is the definition of “most”? How much further will they be able to expand the definition of healthcare worker to include more people than could/should be included? Why did the SC not know that the vaccines are not effective? Can Biden still impose mandates on federal government workers? Other government workers? Will people get their jobs back that were let go before the ruling? Will businesses now allow people in restaurants/businesses without being vaccinated that already have those rules? How does this apply to the teachers across the country? Do we have answers yet? Etc., etc.

    Now, WH will go after small business, you watch.

  17. I am so sorry for the health workers.
    Not at all right, all that education and hard work in the beginning of this nonsense.
    Pray for these people, they have families to care for.

  18. Glad I retired from nursing . This is discrimination when we don’t have enough healthcare workers to go around !!! 47 years was enough for me.

  19. well we are screwed and we basically knew it with things said by the left wingers in the court. i can’t force myself to say supreme because they aren’t. anyone with one eye and 1/2 sense can see how ineffective these poison things are. health care workers from kitchen workers, maintenance, office workers, nurses, techs, doctors, NP,PA all have been exposed had it lived through not jab and natural immunity doesn’t count! not to mention everyone getting sick after the jab— now how does the communist state “mandating” this 💩 make any sense. they all must have got some big bucks to do this to us. i’m ashamed we fought so hard to get some of them in office! there is no american freedom. if you aren’t illegal and bringing diseases in to what used to be our country you’re totally screwed. come illegally america is you’re oyster work and pay taxes and we’ll take your job and your whole life away😡😡😡😡 fjb f the f the un supreme court f them all.

  20. I have not read the SOTUS entire ruling. Healthcare workers may still fall under the federal mandate but under what authority OSHA or federal authority with Medicare and Medicaid.? I think SOTUS is keeping it under their jurisdiction rather than with the individual States so that another law suite can be brought to them with a claim of violation of the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution or the Civil Rights act.

  21. Score one for the good guys! Not right for our health care works, they should be allowed to opt out also. This new variant is not so bad not to mention the end is near, light at the end of the tunnel to an endemic.

  22. The issue is OSHA nor Biden had no authority to issue a mandate over private citizens/ companies. In respect to Government employees issue on mandates maybe different.

  23. That ANY justice on the Supreme Court would support the government’s authority to impose injections involuntarily on protesting citizens is chilling. They are no different than the Nazi judges condemned at Nuremberg.

  24. We’re never going to get rid of covid as long as biden keeps letting the illegal immigrants come in and not get tested and ship them all over the country!!!


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