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The Supreme Court kept the Affordable Care Act alive Thursday, ruling in a 7-2 decision that Texas and 17 other states – plus two individuals – lacked standing to challenge its constitutionality.

The states had argued that the law’s individual mandate was unconstitutional once it no longer carried a penalty because it had been justified as falling under the congressional power of taxation. They also claimed that the rest of the law could not survive without the mandate.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We do not reach these questions of the Act’s validity, however, for Texas and the other plaintiffs in this suit lack the standing necessary to raise them,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the court’s opinion.

WATCH the report here:

SCOTUS Correspondent Steven Mazie tweeted, “In a concurrence, Justice Thomas makes it quite clear he is no fan of the ACA or of the Court’s previous two decisions saving it. But agrees the plaintiffs have no standing. In dissent, Justices Alito and Gorsuch coin a new term to describe the 2012, 2015 and 2021 SCOTUS decisions refusing to toss Obamacare: ‘our epic Affordable Care Act trilogy.'”

Todd Ruger tweeted, “New: The 2010 health care law survived its third major Supreme Court challenge. The justices rule 7-2 that the states didn’t have standing to bring the lawsuit. Breyer writes. Does not reach merits of question about individual mandate.”

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  1. So sad to said but the US and their citizens are going down deeper and deeper! If something is not done soon it will be too late. We can’t survive 3+ years of this administration and the stupid laws. The Supreme Court need to be shaken, they are not for the people they are as corrupted as this administration is!🤬

  2. When the constitution is not on their side they rule “you don’t have standing”. How authoritarian of them. I think the people advising Trump on his SC picks sold him a bill of goods.

  3. So, again, democrats get away with tossing the Constitution. So sick of our systems enabling this behavior-that WE have to pay for and live with!

  4. We need to either fire and replace or better yet kill the system of Supreme Court system. It is not for the constitutional right of the American Citizen. It is for the evil corrupt money that is paid to them by the corrupt government that is now currently in office.
    What happened to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights??? It seems like for years now it is made by their decisions what they want not for BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.
    I feel that a lot of their stupid decisions should of been VOTED ON BY WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. Obamacare is often misunderstood. I will explain it. The affordable care act obligates and forces everyone to procure media all insurance (from your work or out of pocket).

    More than half our tax paying base did not use medical insurance prior to Obamacare. Instead, sane Americans opted to save their money and seek medical attention in the mode of” pay as they go”.

    Close to half of our nation does not pay taxes and declare themselves as under the threshold to purchase their own medical insurance. Some are old folks but many are illegal aliens, anchor kids and tax cheats.

    Many medical insurance carriers and even work related health insurance increase their premiums to cover the basic loss from the free loading urchins that eat up and use our Medical services without paying. That financial burden is passed off onto folks paying for medical insurance.

    The cost is so damn high that most people opt to not purchase their own Medical insurance. This is where Obama Care is sinister and takes advantage of these people. Obamacare has a penalty for those who do not purchase junk Medical insurance. The penalty tax overall is cheaper than purchasing their own Medical insurance. Hence Obamacare exploits this and charges millions of Americans with penalties. These penalties are aggregated and used to subsidize and pay for free medical care for the urchins I described above. This is Obamacare.

  6. There you go, the swamp is at record levels AND this court is far more liberal than anyone ever imagined. Lemmings have destroyed America


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