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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he had filed for re-election ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial election in the state.

“I’m here today to officially sign the paperwork to run for re-election as governor of the great state of Texas,” Abbott said in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday while touting the more than 20,000 signatures he had received to get on the ballot.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I want you to know I am running for re-election to protect and secure our border. I’m running for re-election to support our police officers in the great state of Texas. And I am running to ensure that Texas remains a job-creation machine, leading the United States in job opportunity, ” Abbott said in his announcement video. “Working together, we will keep Texas the best state in the United States of America.”

Abbott has multiple primary challengers, including Texas State Sen. Don Huffines and former Texas RNC Chair Lt. Col. Allen West.

If Abbott wins the GOP primary for re-election, his likely Democratic challenger is expected to be former Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

recent poll of a potential match-up between Abbott and O’Rourke shows Abbott leading with 46% support, compared to 37% who said they would back O’Rourke.

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  1. This will be interesting. Allen West should stay out if the fray if he loves Texas. If West runs, the Republican votes will be diluted and give the demotards a good chance of winning. Considering Texas is already purple in many traditionally red areas is worrisome.

    The population of Hisapnics has boomed in Texas and they are 80%+ in voting Democrat.

    Throw in that liberal hippie Matthew McConaughey and the fake Mexican Irishman Beto O dork into thebmix and Texas can end up like California.

  2. A lot of people from my State (Texas) are looking closely at Huffines. He is ultra-conservative. I will vote for him as I think he will get the rest of that border up quicker than what Abbott has done. Abbott has not acted quick enough to protect our borders.

  3. Betto has ran for positions in the gov in three states that I know of…. Nevada, Colorado and now in Texas.

    This crooked politician is backed by Soros. DON’T LET HIM IN YOUR STATE!!


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