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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Fox News:

An attorney for President Trump’s campaign, Jerome M. Marcus, filed a motion Thursday to withdraw his services from a Pennsylvania lawsuit, joining the growing list of Trump staff and advisers to leave their posts after the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Marcus cited the Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct for his basis of removal from the lawsuit and said Trump had “used the lawyer’s services to perpetrate a crime” in promoting the violent protests that occurred Wednesday.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Pennsylvania attorney represented the Trump campaign in a federal case immediately after the election against the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, which sought to prove that Republican poll watchers were not granted access by county officials.

The blistering statement filed by Marcus reads: “The Undersigned respectfully requests leave of this Court to withdraw as counsel for Plaintiff in this action pursuant to Pennsylvania Rule of Professional Conduct 1.16(b)(3) and (4) inasmuch as the client has used the lawyer’s services to perpetrate a crime and the client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant and with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement.”

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  1. When did Antifa & BLM become Trump supporters? I’m devastated these professionals are bailing on our President. They haven’t even heard the evidence, just calling him guilty. Talk about unpatriotic & unjust. Kick ‘em when he’s down is apparently showing machoism in their eye. They’re weenies.

  2. Well America has a gene pool problem Our ancestors are looking at us and wondering where all these wussies came from
    It appears there is no men in any of these positions with real manhood. Creeps and perverts are the order of the day. Republicans with no backbones and democrats who are nothing but the king arm of China and add all gh rest and no wonder it’s called a swamp. It should have been called. Cross pool of idiots and traitors

  3. they are coward but 75 millions got what they want yesterday People power powerful isn’t it so just shot we remember Marcus a cowards lawyer

  4. a stupid i am not a lawyer but Trump did not perpetuate the crime it’s a people power a damn lawyer you ignore a demand of 75 million the integrity of election hello stupid Jerome Marcus

  5. Too many of these lawyers are pansies and in it for the money. This guy is apparently one of them. No respect for him or his ilk. certainly would not want him representing me.

  6. All you creeps are ditching President Trump and the Republicans because the communist have threatened you &/ or paid you slimes off, remember The squad has squawked About putting Trump & his followers in jail! So all of these POS people
    will get Karma!! God help us all and may God Bless America and President Trump and his entire family and staff.😢😢😢🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Pres. Trump did summon us to the capital, promising it would be “wild.” Many of us hoped this event would be part of some larger strategy rather than just putting extra pressure on the Congress as it was going through the final motions of ratifying a blatantly fraudulent election…just as many of us were told—and are still being told by some—to rest easy and Trust the Plan.

    The president spoke at the event. He told us that he was going to join us at the Capitol. Did he admonish us to be on our best behavior? If he did so, I missed it. I didn’t see him at the Capitol, either. Did you?

    But neither did he call on us to commit criminality. Indeed, he wanted our help to Stop the Steal — i.e., prevent criminality.

    The president praised us afterwards, and why shouldn’t he? For 99.99 percent of us it was a patriotic, uplifting event. Trump did not endorse the violence. He did not incite the violence. But did he give us a “dog whistle” beforehand and a “wink” afterwards? The argument could be made.

    I was there. I remain unconvinced Antifa had any role. I could be wrong, but I’m unconvinced.

    I oppose violence in cases other than self-defense. I also oppose vandalism, especially involving public monuments.

    But I also see this incident in the context of a situation in which a massive election fraud foisted on the American people through corrupted institutions and assisted by hostile foreign governments was about to be ratified by the Congress. As Americans, we have an affirmative duty to do all we can to prevent such an eventuality.

    I also see it in the context of a year of serial violence by the Left left largely unpunished by law enforcement.

    It seems to me that the breaking and entering at the Capitol and vandalism, however repugnant, were small potatoes compared to the theft of our government going on elsewhere in the building.

    And I don’t agree for a moment that Pres. Trump incited the turmoil. The Democrats’ theft of the election through massive, systemic fraud did that.

    But he did raise our collective expectations, expectations that were never met.

    Reminds me of Ben Franklin’s aphorism “He who lives on hope dies farting.” Well, our republic has just died farting. Some of you enjoy the aroma. I do not.

    • You’re full of shit. I have video of someone in PA who did verify Antifa was there, heard them planning, breaking windows at the capital etc. so STFU

    • I was there I did witness antifa started this chaos. They moved through the crowd single file hand on shoulder of one in front. I noticed an anarchist tattoo on one

  8. I no longer have any respect for anyone in government (except Trump). No respect for cops or judges or lawyers either, as far as that goes! They’re all pos! Especially the cops and judges!

  9. Buh bye you made your millions, don’t let the door hit you in the arse!
    Nothing has been proven, POTUS is guilty of nothing.
    Funny how no one condemned the non stop violence, beatings, killings and looting during the summer of love.

    How about letting the investigation play out. Funny how it took the FBI one day to solve the Tennessee bomb case, but they can’t arrest people on film sooner. It was all a setup first to interfere with the voter fraud investigation, second to make Trump look bad when the demonstrations were peaceful. When they went back to hear the voter fraud case it was no longer about voter fraud but about the Trump supporters breaking into congress as the traitor Pence stood there as a puppet letting them ramble on without saying a word when he should have interrupted and told them to stay on subject. Sad day in America.

  10. People in general sure have changed over the course of a century and more…. men and patriots back then had ideas and inspirations and freedom to fight for, today,… I believe we take all of that for granted… and not really sure when we should fight for what we have and what we must have, such as our freedoms. If we patriots start to fight for our freedoms, we get called terrorists and obstructionists…everyone says we as conservatives are law abiding citizens, but in order to fight for our freedoms, laws must be broken. If we dont fight for our freedom, we will not have any and hence the old saying “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” …. something must happen or our kids and our Grandkids and our Great Grandkids will live in a socialist/communist country…. is THAT enough to want to fight for freedom?

  11. Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!

  12. Like PRESIDENT TRUMP led them into the building!!! Excuses, excuses!!! But it was alright for 30 people to get killed from BLM and ATIFA RIOTS THIS PAST SUMMER!!

  13. Liars, Mainstream Media, cheaters, rioters, murderers, thieves, slanderers, haters, BLM, ANTIFA, Biden, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, Congress, China virus, attorneys, state Supreme Court justices, governors, Secretaries of State, mayors, Democrats, Republicans, independents, progressives, men, women, people have made PRESIDENT TRUMP THEIR SCAPEGOAT! stop, he is just a man who tried to do his best for us all.
    Hold your tongues! James 3:6-9

  14. Gosh and golly! I’d have thought an attorney, of all job holders, would understand that one is INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. In this instance, this “attorney” was arresting officer, judge, and jury – no attorney for President Trump in this instance. Shame on this “attorney” – if he wanted to resign – okay, then resign. But to blame the rioting in DC on January 6th on President Trump is preposterous. If he had any smarts and juevos to him, he’d have listed the criminal fraud committed by the dems and their shills in at least the six swing states as the incitement of the rioting – IF it was all Trump supporters. However, the information was readily available yesterday that antifa folks were seen and identified there; since that didn’t give this “attorney” pause for thought to re-word his withdrawal statement, he has simply proven to be a self-serving and amoral shark, with no integrity.

  15. What total bullshit! Another one bites the dust, who the hell cares? President Trump is the victor of the election and more than half the country knows this. I predict some type of Civil War on the horizon. The deranged Democrats who stole the election will not have an easy time holding office.

  16. Look this is ridiculous and it sounds like some on here are beginning to sound like the cowards that started this nightmare by stealing an like election. Trump used the term fight like hell but he has ALWAYS used it and it wasn’t Trump saying riots or violence were ok, don’t blame him because he was as hopeful as we were. You think he expected every judge and every GOP to backstab him? Stop that or you should go on and join the idiot Dems on FB and bash away. Those are very sore winners who have to hate something or they aren’t happy. These people were not Trump supporters, the one with horns was in Arizona seen attending a defund police rally, you ever hear the president saying he thought that was a good idea??? Anti law communists threaten and terrorize because that’s what they choose to do, if you heard the speech and you did not feel compelled to act crazy why do you blame the president, you were angry just like the mob weren’t you? Those shots heard did not sound like they were fired inside the building, sounded like this was done from outside. This was staged and its doing exactly what they meant for it to do.

  17. Trump guilty of nothing! He was totally astounded at the many types of cheating & fraud. He hoped not, then watched;as we all watched the results of the obvious cheating, changing rules, etc . These states were so desperate to allow the left to have their way with the rules that they broke all the rules. Conservatives have always looked for the best & hoped for the best. We all got blind sided. Stacy Abrams made a deal with GA SOS & Gov Kemp that removed all reasonable rules to secure legal votes, which is also how they won the senate seats. Even a dog could vote if they could fill in a bubble! Same types of things in each of the other battleground states. Even though real, the courts refused to hear the cases. No, this situation falls squarely on the shoulders of the progressive left that removed safeguards in elections & villainized this President. The progressive left created this climate with their continual divisive criticizing, lying, & demonizing this President who made monumental strides for peace & economic stability!

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