BREAKING: Trump releases short, fiery statement after classified docs found in Pence home

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Former President Donald Trump fired off a short but pointed statement on Tuesday, after the news broke that his former vice president, Mike Pence, had also found documents in his home that had “classified markings.”

Pence reportedly found the documents in two small boxes in his home on January 16. As soon as the classified documents were found in Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, they were immediately put in a safe, and Pence attorney Greg Jacob notified Acting Director Kate Dillon McClure of the White House Liaison Division National Archives and Records Administration.

The FBI then retrieved the documents from Pence’s home on Thursday evening, Jan. 19, while Pence was in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life event.

In a statement posted to his Truth Social account just after noon on Tuesday, Trump defended Pence.

He wrote, “Mike Pence is an innocent man. He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life. Leave him alone!!!”

Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted, “I don’t believe there were ‘sinister motives’ with regards to the handling of classified information by President Biden, President Trump, or Vice President Pence. We have a classified information problem which needs to be fixed.”

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BREAKING: Former VP Mike Pence discovered classified documents in Indiana home


  1. That had to be said, dripping with sarcasm!!! Pence is covering for Biden. It is extremely obvious. Gee, what he will do for the DS, but nothing good for Trump. He could have had that election investigated, it had been done before, but he did not want it investigated, his masters said no. So they passed a law so he could not do, what he said he could not do before they passed the paw. Insane!

  2. Wonder how many Obama and bush have. I bet Obama has over a hundred. Would not be surprised if Obama moved some of the classified to biden’s residences in order to get rid of him.

    The Republican should demand that an official investigation be done on Obama Pence and Bush.

    • Hell, every living past president and vp should have their residence searched. This seems to be an everyday occurrence. Brandon had files from when he was a senator. How many others do too? I would bet serious money that some past speakers have files too.

    • As president pro tempore of the Senate, Pence had an affirmative duty to refer the competing slates of electors back to their respective states for reconciliation, in acknowledgement of the evidence of wide-scale fraud in the 2020 election and the primacy of the Constitution over mere statute (e.g., the Electoral Count Act of 1887). After all, the Constitution is not a suicide pact, nor can it properly be construed as to require an official to surrender, from time to time, his personal moral agency in its enforcement. Had he stood up for what is right, the state legislatures would have been forced to reconvene and to decide the issue of election fraud, one way or the other. Trump likely would have been returned to office and Pence become our 46th president. Instead, Pence chose passivity, which is why he’s no longer worth a farthing.

      Pence didn’t just break faith with Trump, but he broke faith with the Constitution and the American people.

      The timing of Pence’s document discovery now seems contrived to give the Usurper, Joe Biden, political cover for his own theft of classified documents.

      No matter. Throw the book at Biden… and at Pence, too, for all I care.

  3. I supervised the department responsible for the documentation regarding the design, testing and construction of a nuclear power plant. Records were in a locked vault with security leading into and out of the records vault. I found out an employee had secretly taken records. He was immediately fired, escorted off site and reported to the police for theft. The area of the plant that was comprised was redesigned and the redesign approved by the Nuclear Regulatory committee.
    I was interviewed over 6 hours regarding the employee and how it occurred.
    What happened should be a legal offense. Repulsive.

  4. Random Citizen I agree with you, you are 100% correct. Pence as per the Constitution statue (eg, the Electoral Count ACT OF 1887) could have refer the competing slates of electors back to their respective states for reconciliation, AS PRESIDENT TRUMP REQUESTED HIM TO DO; INSTEAD HE CAVED. PENCE TRIED TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC BY CLAIMING HE COULD NOT OVERTURN THE ELECTION, WHICH “NO ONE” ASKED HIM TO DO. PENCE BETRAYED AMERICA, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND TRUMP. Pence is a wimp and not to be trusted. I agree with Pedro that Trump should not defend Pence regarding the classified documents found in the residence of Pence. Pence has no legal right to have classified documents ONLY THE PRESIDENT AND THAT GOES FOR BIDEN AS SENATOR AND VP.

  5. That’s nice everyone is turning in classified documents,Trump is the only one who can legally have them after he declassified them, why are Pence and Biden taking home classified documents to begin with ? Hmmmm?


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