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Former President Donald Trump slammed Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx on Monday, accusing the infectious disease experts of “trying to reinvent history” in televised interviews detailing their roles in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump spoke out after Fauci and Birx, who both served as key members of his administration’s coronavirus task force, were interviewed for a CNN special titled “COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out.”

The article goes on to state the following:

During the special, Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, described the push to develop a COVID-19 vaccine as “the best decision that I’ve ever made with regard to an intervention as director of the institute.” Birx, the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, said she had a “very difficult” phone call with Trump after she spoke candidly about the severity of an outbreak last August.

Trump responded by releasing a lengthy statement Monday afternoon:

“Based on their interviews, I felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history to cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned,” Trump said. “They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine—putting millions of lives at risk.

“We developed American vaccines by an American President in record time, nine months, which is saving the entire world. We bought billions of dollars of these vaccines on a calculated bet that they would work, perhaps the most important bet in the history of the world. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx moved far too slowly, and if it were up to them we’d currently be locked in our basements as our country suffered through a financial depression. Families, and children in particular, would be suffering the mental strains of this disaster like never before.

“In a fake interview last night on CNN, Dr. Fauci, who said he was an athlete in college but couldn’t throw a baseball even close to home plate, it was a “roller,” tried to take credit for the vaccine, when in fact he said it would take three to five years, and probably longer, to have it approved. Dr. Fauci was incapable of pressing the FDA to move it through faster. I was the one to get it done, and even the fake news media knows and reports this.

“Dr. Fauci was incapable of pressing the FDA to move it through faster. I was the one to get it done, and even the fake news media knows and reports this. Dr. Fauci is also the king of “flip-flops” and moving the goalposts to make himself look as good as possible. He fought me so hard because he wanted to keep our country open to countries like China. I closed it against his strong recommendation, which save many lives. Dr. Fauci also said we didn’t need to wear masks, then a few months later he said we needed to wear masks, and now, two or three of them. Fauci spent U.S. money on the Wuhan lab in China – and we now know how that worked out.

“Dr. Birx is a proven liar with very little credibility left. Many of her recommendations were viewed as “pseudo-science,” and Dr. Fauci would always talk negatively about her and, in fact, would ask not to be in the same room with her. The States who followed her lead, like California, had worse outcomes on Covid, and ruined the lives of countless children because they couldn’t go to school, ruined many businesses, and an untold number of Americans who were killed by the lockdowns themselves. Dr. Birx was a terrible medical advisor, which is why I seldom followed her advice. Her motto should be “Do as I say, not as I do.” Who can forget when Dr. Birx gave a huge mandate to the people of our Nation to not travel, and then traveled a great distance to see her family for Thanksgiving – only to have them call the police and turn her in? She then, embarrassingly for her, resigned.

“Finally, Dr. Birx says she can’t hear very well, but I can. There was no “very difficult” phone call, other than Dr. Birx’s policies that would have led us directly into a COVID caused depression. She was a very negative voice who didn’t have the right answers. Time has proven me correct. I only kept Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx on because they worked for the U.S. government for so long – they are like a bad habit!”

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  1. Trump is right as always…they are both useful idiots for the leftists and the CCP! Never trusted a word either of them uttered!!

  2. Only wish DJT would stop gloating about the experimental gene therapy-he too will be blamed when the sleeping giant awakens realizing this is going to harm/kill so many….hope he didn’t take the real stuff….

  3. That wousy Dr fauci is a die-hard Democrat contributes large amount of money to the Democrats. He is on their payroll and he bows to the Democrats.

    He thought Trump all the way because he was told to do it by the Democrats. And Dr birx is a known liar and got caught by her own family and they turned her in. For them to go on TV and lie show you exactly how much they are tied to the Democrats. The Democrats are the party of liars so fauci and birx fit in perfectly with them. I wouldn’t listen to them anymore than I would listen to a pig or a donkey talking. They’re a disgrace and they should be fired don’t listen to anything they say

    God bless PRESIDENT Trump and God bless America

  4. It didn’t even need to be said. Any honest person who saw what happened knows that the only bad instinct Pres. Trump followed throughout the whole COVID “crisis” was listening too much to Fauci and Birx.

  5. 🙄. I am sure the tight red hats are lapping this up like puppies. They have given Trump God status that he didn’t earn or deserve. I don’t appreciate the fact that he allowed the two ding dongs to have the stage so long or the warp speed vaccine that has killed people.

  6. Having known so many of the tight red hats, I realize that our country is gone and isn’t coming back. These folks seem geared up to vote for Ivanka the liberal if she runs . Owens is not near ready to even think about being President or VP but they like the idea . They are loons all of them . I have disassociated myself from these tight red hat people who call themselves conservatives. They defy all common sense and logic in my opinion . Hey, it’s my opinion and I am entitled to it yet they act like I am not . Very similar to liberals .

  7. Really ,, as a tight red hat ,,, look what your ignorant asses voted for … falls up stairs 3 times , can’t string a sentence together to save his life

  8. this two from the beginning of Covid i don’t trust this two Animal China and democrat paying them to makes you believe you we are not a stupid and Idiot 549 people died they are the doctors even cassidy i didn’t hear nothing to him about Covid because democrat and china paying them..looks FUACI awarded 1 millions…how ignorant americans was…they killed all white and black and replace all hispanic in America…they 540 killed all blacks and White …so far how many hispanic unaccompanied children and parent hispanic they let them in…

  9. Didn’t trust either of them the minute I saw them. In the pocket of the CCP and the corrupt evil Dems from the beginning!


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