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Twitter said on Sunday it permanently suspended the personal account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) over the social media platform’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

The social network said in a statement that it took the action after “repeated violations” of the policy.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy. We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Hill in a statement.

Greene has yet to respond to the permanent suspension, and her congressional account remains active as of Sunday morning.

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    • I am off. I’m indefinitely suspended. I can’t even sign on to delete my account. So, they get to keep their numbers up by holding my account hostage, but I can’t post. That’s how they do it. Shysters!

  1. Suspended for trying to speak the truth!! Our 2nd Amendment is under full assault by big tech, who answer to the Cabal & the left!!

  2. Of course, Twitter is the ultimate authority on actual knowledge regarding the virus. Will they take responsibility when it turns out millions of people have had their health ruined by this official wisdom?

  3. She should feel proud in my opinion, it puts her up on the pedestal with President Trump. It takes a special kind of person to get under the skin of Twitter and get permanently banned for telling the truth.

  4. Twatter is a pos communist platform that needs to be taken out to the trash but yet as usual nobody has done shit to take all the commies down!

  5. As per twitters tyrannical censorship of conservatives it doesn’t surprise me. It is impossible to peddle misinformation when the CDC,NIH,FDA have not done sufficient testing on the components of the jab. Nor have they honestly documented adverse side effects from said jab. The FDA is supposed to protect Americans against adverse drug effects and pull off the market if there are deaths caused from it. We can’t trust our government agencies tasked with looking out for our safety. And now they get 55 years to let people know what they are putting in those jabs. Power corrupts and absolute power along with a boat load of money corrupts absolutely. They want us to take a jab that they won’t tell us what’s in it , then sign a waiver that we won’t hold them responsible if their human lab rats don’t fair so well or even die. Well no thanks. Try being honest, stop acting like we are stupid. Wouldn’t use Twitter if they were honest. Go MGT. AND LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!!

  6. They just push others to Gab,gettr,rumble,and so on.twitter is only for the sheep liberal im on all other social media that I mention. Don’t miss Twitter nor fb.get all my info other places.

  7. Congrats, MTG!! You join the ranks with President Trump. First of all, join Trumps lawsuit . Don’t back down, just speak out more than ever on other mediums. There are many. I never liked Twitter so wasn’t on for very long. Dorsey thinks he’s god and is a total fascist pig.

  8. Well of course she gets ‘silenced’ because anybody that posts the TRUTH about what’s REALLY going on in this country & they try to do everything they can to keep their ‘dirty secrets’ amongst themselves so when a conservative tells it like it really is that’s the ONLY way they can control the truth that’s coming out these days! Of course they are sweating bullets because their ‘deceitful secrets’ are all coming out & yet they THINK they’re controlling what we say but little do these corrupt & guilty people know that more than half the country already knows what’s going on but let ‘em THINK they’re actually doing something while we continue to discuss the truth without their ‘social media’ platforms for the low lives only. Once President Trump has his ‘site’ up & running then hopefully we can kiss FB & Twitt goodbye for good! ( I’ve never lost ANYTHING on either site )

  9. Marjorie is a super star. She has drafted more than a few bills to impeach dead beat joe, but pilosi refuses to bring them to the floor for a vote. As speaker of the house pilosi is as bad as dead beat. I say go Marjorie and go to Rumble.

  10. Twitter: “We are a free platform! Anyone can say anything here! Freedom! And no liability either, because, freedom!”

    Users: “Here’s my opinion on X. Adults can decide to believe it or not. Thanks Twitter for allowing the world of ideas to connect so easily!”

    Twitter: “Hold on there, bucko, you can say anything you want, but not THAT! Geesh”

    Users: “WTF?”

  11. And who’s to say that Twitter is telling the truth ??? It is an opinion and she’s entitled whether you listen to it whether you believe it is totally up to you just like do I believe twitters opinion…


    In view of his inflammatory remarks threatening to impose by force a non-COVID-related quarantine on the progressive and mostly peaceful Latinx island of Cuba, Twitter has concluded that it has no other responsible course but to suspend Pres. Kennedy’s Twitter account permanently.

  13. Ha ha who the hell likes twitter? MTG will do well & so many others that are spreading the truth! We are in a great time coming up! God is in control!


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