BREAKING: Twitter’s head of engineering resigns after disastrous DeSantis launch

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Twitter’s head of engineering announced on Thursday that he was resigning, the day after the disastrous attempts to launch Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign on the platform.


His company was left highly embarrassed by Wednesday night’s debacle, which saw Twitter unable to live-stream the audio of DeSantis’s campaign launch, and a hot mic discussion with Twitter’s owner Elon Musk and moderator David Sacks.

Musk and Sacks said the problems were due to ‘server strain’ and ‘melting the servers’, claiming that it was the largest event ever hosted online – but many pointed out that far larger events had been held without a hitch.

Without giving any details on the reason for his departure, the engineer, Foad Dabiri, announced his exit from  the company in a series of Twitter posts Thursday afternoon.  He wrote:

After almost four incredible years at Twitter, I decided to leave the nest yesterday. The combination of the fantastic community, the impact it has, and its limitless potential sets Twitter apart. So, here is my pseudo-obligatory gratitude thread: #LoveWhereYouWorked

During my time @Twitter, I experienced two distinct eras: pre and post M&A. Both came with their fair share of challenges, but they also shared a grand mission and a team of extraordinary individuals. What truly made Twitter exceptional was, above all else, “the people.”

I want to give a shoutout to the Discovery OGs @krishna_kamath @cambridgemike @EFarraro @AadityaLandge Shang Shang @thauburger, @sanazmotahari for their dedication to doing what’s right for our users. Their brilliance, integrity, and support have been inspiring.

Here is to my first team, the amazing folks at @magicrecs, who made my job effortless and demanding while making it incredibly enjoyable. Deep gratitude goes out to the leaders who guided me throughout these transformative years @behnamrezaei @LYangInTheFlock @rnoweber

And then came “2.0.” What an extraordinary journey it has been. To say it was challenging at the outset would be an understatement. The change was massive and rapid; we came through and emerged stronger, thanks to the remarkable team that held the fort.

Working with @elonmusk has been highly educational, and it was enlightening to see how his principles and vision are shaping the future of this company.

2.0 also introduced me to incredible “oldtimers” whom I had the pleasure of collaborating with Paul B, @wanghaofei @ehikian @ellagirwin JP @marmars @NegatedVoid Tim L. And the great newcomers @tim_zaman @rpoo @cstanley and many more.

Twitter is a place that defies comprehension. It’s unique, peculiar, remarkable, and resilient, all thanks to the brilliant and capable individuals who have built and continue to shape it.

It’s impossible to grasp the inner workings of this platform and what goes on on a daily basis unless you’ve been fortunate enough to experience it firsthand. So kudos to the team that, despite all the outside noise, keep going and going strong.

And @3_stan , brother, we better ensure we work together again soon. You know this duo can do some serious damage 😉

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