BREAKING: US changes planned trip over spy balloon furor

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The Biden administration has postponed Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s planned trip to China early next week after a suspected spy balloon launched by Beijing was spotted over the western US, according to a report.

Bloomberg, citing two officials, reported Friday that Blinken’s planned meetings with his Chinese counterpart on Sunday and Monday had been pushed back after the balloon was spotted over Montana late Thursday.

The State Department had scheduled a 10:30 call with reporters to discuss the planned trip.

The trip would have made Blinken the highest-ranking member of President Joe Biden’s administration to visit China.

His mission is to “mitigate a sharp downturn in relations between the countries amid trade disputes and concerns about Beijing’s increasingly aggressive stance toward Taiwan and in the South China Sea,” the Associated Press reported.

BREAKING: China responds to reports about balloon flying in US airspace

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  1. If one of our balloons had been over China’s airspace, you could bet your bottom dollar it would have been shot down. Joe Biden is completely compromised!!

  2. Some how deflate the Chinese spy balloon and then go Thru every device on it! Trump posted on TRUE SOCIAL SHOOT IT DOWN! The Chinese would never have done this if Trump was President!

  3. Biden does what China wants!!! He’s being blackmailed by them and the American people are paying for it!!!😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  4. Blinkin should go there! He should get thrown in jail there. He should open his mouth the wrong way there & then he’ll know China is a threat. Shoot the dam balloon down. Where does it go from where it is? How was it that it got that far into our air space with nobody doing anything? It’s a Risk! Take your assessment & get it gone. Just having it in our space is a threat no matter what you say! Quit playing footsies with China. They violated our Air Space! Why are you afraid or hiding something from us? This is absolutely B.S. over a nuclear military base. You can be sure the Chinese are even monitoring our drill times. Shoot it down!

  5. Know that the entire Biden clan is a festering tentacle that gives China access to our nation. China must have horrendous blackmail material against Joe Biden; hence Joe will do what China wants.

  6. Better think twice before shooting it down. Is that what China wants? Is it a Trojan Horse, containing more than spy equipment? A dirty bomb?
    Radioactive material?
    Better to bring it down over open water and not explode it!


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