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Bill Maher has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a tweet from the official “Real Time with Bill Maher” account, it was announced that the 65-year-old comedian has tested positive for the novel virus, resulting in Friday’s May 14 taping of his show to be canceled.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Bill tested positive during weekly staff PCR testing for COVID,” read the announcement. “He is fully vaccinated and as a result is asymptomatic and feels fine.”

The statement also added that the show’s production has “taken every precaution following CDC guidelines and no other staff or crew members have tested positive at this time,” adding that the show “will be rescheduled at a later date.”

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  1. He’s not asymptomatic because he has the vaccine. If the vaccine worked he wouldn’t have the China Virus at all.

    More lies perpetuated by our government and the media.

  2. Ummmmm. I just read today
    From Dr. Fauci that only fully vaccinated people are safe to be outside without masks!!! This whole Covid thing is BS. Trying to force vaccines for a 1% risk when there’s greater health issues they should and could be enforcing. That’s why it perplexes me that so many intelligent people are getting the vaccine. The science doesnt even make sense.

    • It’s inside and no social distancing. Biden is taking heat on crisis after crisis, that he needed a win or something positive so the CDC does this all the sudden.

  3. The
    Vaccine only works for the first variant, ever since the virus has mutated.
    Changed variants lots of times.
    So why get that garbage after all. Even if it was the original variant you could still get it.
    But KARMA for that SOB😂🖕

  4. it is time to treat coronavirus like the common flu at this point. This virus is here to stay with us like luggage. Just live with it and deal with it but don’t hide from it. Crazy vaccinations, forced vaccinations, masks are all attempts by the government to control its people.

  5. Hmmm if vaccinations don’t work why get them. Or was Bill bouncing some poor illegal immigrants who had the Guatemala version of corona virus??? I wonder if human trafficking is illegal in that state???

  6. I find the surprise factor interesting. More than one credible source has reported PCR testing is up to 85% false positive due to cycling, detection of the protein rather than Antibodies or T-Cells.
    Also, conservative estimates indicate 45% of the population has had the virus, many with no symptoms at all. This group of people falls in with the Had CCP Covid already.
    Also, Asymptomatic people do Not transmit the virus yet Bill canceled his show due to Fear, not Science.
    Why did he cancel his show when he could have grown a soul and used his platform to talk Science and Truth.

  7. The vaccine doesn’t work. Anyone who allows a foreign substance into their body, without knowing what’s in it. Is just playing Russian Roulette with their life. Too many people have died from it. No Thanks. I’ll pass.

  8. Couldn’t happen to a more rotten person! Nowhere does it say the vaccine PREVENTS you from getting the virus! People only believe what they want.

  9. Bill doesn’t have the virus, he has made cow disease. And it has eaten his brain away ……..a long time ago


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