BREAKING: Winner declared in Arizona gubernatorial Republican primary

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Exactly two days after the polls closed in the Arizona primary election, the Associated Press has finally declared a winner in the heated race for the Republican nomination for governor.

Trump-endorsed Kari Lake had been leading in the race by around 12,000 votes, but Thursday evening, she pulled ahead by about 20,000 votes.

As of this report, with 88 percent of the votes counted, Lake is ahead at 46.8%, compared to 44% for Karrin Taylor Robson, who was endorsed by former vice president Mike Pence and current governor Doug Ducey.

In a stunning development, Lake has reportedly won EVERY SINGLE COUNTY in Arizona.

The Associated Press reported:

Early election results showing only mail ballots received before Election Day gave Robson a solid lead, but that was whittled down as votes from polling places were added to the tally. Lake’s victory became clear Thursday when Maricopa County released results from thousands of mail ballots dropped off at the polls on Tuesday.

On Twitter Thursday night, Lake wrote, “We officially won every single county in Arizona. Clean sweep of the State. This isn’t MY win. This is OUR win. Thank you, Arizona. ♥️”

Lake now faces Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is currently Arizona’s Secretary of State.

Lake’s campaign tweeted, “Breaking:@KariLake has overtaken @Karrin4Arizona in @maricopacounty. She has won every county in Arizona. Thank you for believing in us. We won’t let you down.”

In a statement Thursday night, Lake wrote:

“Though the results took longer than they should have, Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake. My opponent Katie Hobbs had one job in government, and that was to ensure an efficiently-processed election. She failed spectacularly, and yet just like every other failed establishment politician, now she wants a promotion. Arizona just sent a clear message: our state is done with failed politicians like Katie Hobbs.”

“This is more than an election – it is a beautiful movement by so many people across our beautiful state to finally put Arizona First. Our renewed Republican Party is now coming together to fight for a brighter and more prosperous future for every Arizonan. We will stop schools from indoctrinating our children and stop government bureaucrats from shutting down our businesses and livelihoods. We will get our homeless off the streets, invest in our families, and protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We will put an end to the fentanyl, human trafficking, and drugs flowing across our open border. Starting tonight, we fight to defeat the radical, corrupt, incompetent Democrats and put our government back into the hands of the great people of Arizona!”

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  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!! BUT they still tried to cheat and these people need to be held accountable!!!!! Laws are in place for a reason and if they are broken, they need to be held accountable. The resignations of the two individuals is not enough.

  2. The only state in which Trump lost most of his endorsement was Georgia…I don’t know why they voted like that…but I can sleep and sleep better now until November…Pray and wait for Huge Red Wave…and God bless our country, President Trump and all those Conservative leaders.

  3. Since Republicans here in Arizona can’t stand Ducey, (or as I call him, Douchey)his endorsement is like poison!

  4. Excellent news. There is a story about Laura Ingram not reporting all the news on Az election. She and Robson are best friends.


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