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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

President Trump issued an executive order Thursday night that would see the social media platform TikTok banned within 45 days.

TikTok is a video sharing mobile application, owned by ByteDance Ltd., that the Trump administration has deemed a national security threat on the basis that the app has been gathering data that could potentially be shared with the government of China.

“TikTok automatically gathers vast swaths of information from its users, including internet and other network activity information such as location data and browsing and search history,” the executive order said.

DML OPINION: Way to go Mr President.  I say we give them 15 days, not 45, but I’ll take it!

The information listed is from FOXBUSINESS.COM.

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    • Me too. My grandkids use it even after I warned them they could get into your finances and personal information. He should have given them only 14 days or less.

  1. EXCELLENT!!!!

    Just can’t trust communist … they embedded. All kinds nasty stuff in that software. Even if an American company bought still embedded.

    WTG President Trump

  2. TIKTOK NEEDS TO BE BANNED NOW .. not 45 days from now .. one more insane app for our younger generations to use & abuse as well as the corrupt powers that be .. why Wait 45 days ?? Sign the EO now to take place as of yesterday was recently used against you POTUS .. wake up !!


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