(Commenting on)  BUYER’S REMORSE: LGBTQ community feel ‘betrayed’ by Muslim city council’s decision



  1. It shouldn’t be flown on city county or state property. The flag of this country is the Stars and Stripes. This isn’t a betrayal. It’s common sense. Fly your LGTB flag at home or your private businesses. Leave government out of it.

  2. Muslims have never hidden their beliefs so why these idiots thought they would change their beliefs just shows how stupid the community truly are.

  3. They do realize that Muslims would throw the alphabet brigade off of roofs if they were back in their own country. Maybe they should be grateful they only banned the flag.

  4. This is funny! All these so-called progressives , who probably shouted loudest to allow these Muslims into the country are now getting to see how these people are. Though I agree the queer flag shouldn’t be flown, in my opinion anywhere, who would allow these people to move in and take over? It’s surprising to me the queer community would stand up for Muslims although knowing how they feel about gay people?! I guess now they’re finding out?


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