BUYER’S REMORSE: Picturesque communities who voted up to 92% for Biden now lamenting flood of illegal aliens

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TeamDML offers insights, opinions, podcasts, videos and other forms of content intended to educate and better explain trending news that is made available to the public by third parties. In this particular case, we refer to an excerpt from Breitbart:

Residents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts — which, in some regions, voted more than 90 percent for President Joe Biden — are growing worried over an increasing flow of illegal immigration to their picturesque East Coast communities.

In recent weeks, local elected officials in Cape Cod as well as residents have voiced concerns to Gov. Maura Healey (D) over the arrival of border crossers and illegal aliens from Haiti to their small coastal towns.

According to the New York Times, social services in Cape Cod are being stressed and public schools are being overwhelmed.

The report explains that Cape Cod officials recently sent Healey a letter asking the state to stop resettling border crossers and illegal aliens in the Yarmouth Resort motel, saying the influx of illegal aliens are “a nuisance to the town.”

Local residents – who voted up to 92% for Joe Biden – also expressed concern at a recent town hall meeting over the financial cost to the community, as well as whether the migrants are properly vetted before being sent there.

And one local resident lamented, “We fear we’re losing Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a special and beautiful place.”

The New York Times wrote:

Officials estimate that as many as half of currently sheltered families are recently arrived migrants from other countries; most have come from Haiti, drawn by word of mouth and the pull of the state’s well-established Haitian community.

The Times explains, “…the rapid influx has stressed local social service agencies and volunteer resources, and heightened political tensions, even among the state’s many liberal-leaning officials and residents.”

The state reportedly plans to reimburse local school systems at a rate of $104 per student per day.

Meanwhile, Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin, a seven-term Democrat seeking re-election, has said the situation is not sustainable.

The Times gives an example of the changing demographics in Woburn, due to immigration:

Woburn’s 4,300 public school students were 65 percent white last year, compared with 76 percent in 2013 and 86 percent in 2003.

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