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Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

Florida authorities say they’ve arrested one of the alleged Capitol rioters Friday night who was seen in a viral photograph carrying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern through the halls.

Adam Johnson, 36, of Parrish, Florida, is being held in Pinellas County Jail and pending charges after federal marshals picked him up, according to arrest records.

Johnson is allegedly the man in the photo taken during Wednesday’s raid of the U.S. Capitol by Donald Trump‘s supporters where he is waving to the camera while holding the lectern in his right arm, according to investigators. Johnson, who was clean shaven in his mugshot, appeared in the photo with a beard and a wool hat with “Trump” written on the top.

DML: All the wrongdoing at the Capital needs to be punished, I concur.   But why didn’t authorities act this fast when cities in America burned over the summer?  Why is there such a great double standard?

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  1. That was fast….too bad they can’t or I should say won’t go after the looters and building burners from all the RIOTS over the summer……oh that was their 1st amendment rights to burn and loot….

  2. he will claim he’s antifa even if he’s not really so they will dismiss the charges … they do this for all antifa members in fact the ho even helped to bail them out !

  3. The double standard is the democrats wanted to do everything they can to destroy President Trump. From the plandimic to the riots to wendnesday

  4. Welcome to America Everyone!!!! The Country that use to be Great !!!! What’s Bad for one side should be bad for thee other !!!! There going to make Examples out of Trump Supporters!!! There doing his to show us thee Got Power Over Us !!! There’s Going to be No Mercy For Us !!!


  6. I was at the Capitol, outside not inside. I oppose violence in cases other than self-defense. I also oppose vandalism, especially involving public monuments. The theft of the lectern and other such hooliganism deserve our opprobrium and punishment.

    But I also see this incident in the context of a situation in which a massive election fraud foisted on the American people through corrupted institutions, and assisted by hostile foreign governments, was about to be ratified by the Congress. As Americans, do we not have an affirmative duty to do all we can to prevent such an eventuality?

    I also see it in the context of a year of serial violence in our cities by Antifa and BLM that went almost entirely unpunished by law enforcement.

    It seems to me that the breaking and entering at the Capitol and vandalism, however repugnant, were small potatoes compared to the theft of our government going on elsewhere in the building.

    Nor do I agree for a moment that Pres. Trump incited the turmoil. The Democrats’ theft of the election through massive, systemic fraud did that.

    Pres. Trump was re-elected by a comfortable margin. He remains our true president. Biden-Harris are illegitimate — a force of occupation.

  7. The impeachment is to block run in 2024, those bastards will impeach the president in or out of office. He must declare martial law and stay or he will be open game for those cowards. I respect he is a fighter but look at what these nazis have already done to him, his own party helped them.

  8. I’m having a big pr2 with believing these are conservatives In angry but I sure as hell am not ring to destroy property to make a point that’s the mentality of BLM And Antifa

    • The PROTESTERS at our Capitol were NOT Trump supporters. They were hired n bussed by none other than George Soros as was the case in all the cities that had BLM… Antifa Riots. Americans must Wake the hell up!! God bless America and God bless President Trump

  9. They allowed protesters i the chambers during the Kavanaugh hearing, why is this different?? The cops leading them and openning the door probably think it is ok…until there was a blockade.

  10. NO sympathy here from me …they asked for it after all the rioters and looters were let out by Kamala Harris raising Money for them that burned, defaced property and statues, mamed Police and even killed people with No consequences. They Rushed the WHITE house several nights, set fire to the historic Church!! No, our President Did NOT ask for this. And, I Saw ANTIFA being bussed in and escorted by the capital Police on Video. You really think we are So Stupid not to see the Set up?? You are guaranteeing more retaliation, Democrats. Allowing social media to censor us, Cutting us off from any communication well, all of you will be the Blame of what will result.

  11. Remember Maxine Watters inciting riot when she told a group to go up to Trump Supporters and make them uncomfortable. Where was the justice in that? Did she lose her seat? Nope…nothing done she just went on being the wicked person she is. We all know this riot is the work of the Democrats and Soros. None of them wanted the objections to stand and an investigation to be done. The only answer was to make it look like Trump and his supporters committed this horrible act. People saw buses coming in with BLM and ANTIFA Security was refused by the government for help inside the Congress. Now they want us to believe it is the fault of our President. I am so ashamed of the media and the GOP that fell into their trap. If you don’t believe that our country is worth standing up for, then maybe it is time for you to resign and move out of it. God help us when this next administration takes over. Big Tech is now censoring who they want to be rid of..if you think it cannot happen to you then you are living in a fantasy world. They will control you with whatever they can and it will work. Just look at covid! They will not stop till they are sure you will never have a voice in elections again. They will pack the court so everything they want will stand in their favor. They will allow illegals in this country and expect you to support them. They will give them so much free stuff while you will wonder where your next meal will come from. If you are over 75 or ill or not working you have lost your usefulness so step aside, or even better yet just die, you aren’t needed any longer. So Democrats and Republicans that voted for this next mess, laugh and live it up the next week and a half because it won’t be long and you will be crying the loudest.

  12. This was a planned Coup d’etat by Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Biden/Harris, their allies, the media, and the tools of Antifa/blm.
    Since when can you breach the Capitol building without going through metal detectors and snipers on the roofs?? Plus that window that was smashed..they knew exactly how to get to that particular one which was recently changed??? Guards letting these people in to steal stuff and letting them go into offices…taking pictures of what they were doing..just unreal!!

  13. Next time an armed March on Washington is demanded if America is to escape the socialist agenda of the slimy-sleepy-Biden pedo joe crowd has to be an armed protest. No price changes have taken place for liberty, no we do not have the 50% off sale, the price for freedom has always been the same, it cost the bloodshed of patriots freedom fighters and the bloodshed of the tyrannical socialist who have always throughout history raised their ugly heads. The weak and spoiled generation of today are about to give the liberty away that’s been paid for many times with the bloodshed of patriots and tyrants. I wish I could say the price tag for freedom was the bloodshed of tyrants like pelosi, AOC, and her entourage of leftest whores but I can’t. It takes the courage like we seen on the 6th of January 2021.


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