CAPTION THIS PHOTO: Pic of Biden is going viral, prompting hilarious memes

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This is going crazier than the photo of Bernie Sanders wearing mittens at Joe Biden’s inauguration!

A photo posted on Twitter Wednesday evening of Joe Biden in an awkward pose is going viral, and has prompted a slew of hilarious memes by social media users.

Benny Johnson, host of The Benny Show on Newsmax TV, posted the photo, which shows Biden stepping off an outdoor staircase onto the pavement.

We cannot verify where or when the photo was taken, but it was clearly raining at the time, and the pavement is wet.

Biden appears to have just stepped off the stairs, and is in a pose that looks as if he is trying to duck the rain or is about to fall.

“WTF is happening here!?” Johnson asked, as he shared the photo. The post has already gotten over 4.8 million views.

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Social media users are going wild creating memes from the awkward picture.  Below is just a sampling:

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    • Not unless he cheats again. Trump beat his dementia patient in a landslide that was stolen from him and everyone knows it.

    • Hahaha john Douglas what drug are you on!!!! No way is this POS gonna beat Trump or anyone else!!! Do you not see what a mess our country is in!!?? All because of this POS AH!! My God take off your blinders!!!!!!!

    • 👎👎👎👎👎
      What is wrong with you??? U got dementia too???
      There’s something wrong with people that voted for this shit head!!!!!

    • Biden would beat anyone first to the ground. Anyone who thinks Biden received a legitimate 81 million votes is delusional. He sat in the basement knowing it was being fixed for him.
      I can’t wait until it all bites the corrupt in the backside. Trump , we need you back.

  1. No Biden is not going to beat Trump because you know why it’s because dementia Biden is a criminal cartel so that is why he has let all these cartels illegals into our country. Remember Biden doesn’t have a brain because he has dementia and he is so old that he can’t walk or doesn’t know where he’s at and doesn’t know his wife the stupid son if bitch creep. Come on Trump we want you back


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