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Written by DML
Below is a very important report which I ask you to please share on your social media accounts.

The NY Times writes: Gov. Mike DeWine tested negative for the coronavirus hours after a positive rapid-result test prevented him from welcoming President Trump to Ohio on Thursday, reflecting the increasingly complex state of testing in the United States.

The whiplash day of contradictory results is a further indication of the country’s limited ability to slow the spread of the virus with widespread and accurate testing.

DML OPINION: I can’t believe what I just read.  The governor’s results, which is subject to erratic testing and a rush to chalk up another positive, turn out to be bogus and somehow this reflects an inability to slow the spread of COVID?  I prefer to say the governor’s results is proof the we can’t trust the numbers being as bad as they are painted.

When Mr. DeWine was first tested on Thursday morning as part of a White House screening, he received an antigen test, a new frontier of testing that allows for results in minutes, not days, but has been shown to be less accurate. The positive result came as a “big surprise,” said Mr. DeWine, who had not been experiencing symptoms other than a headache.

DML OPINION: This guy didn’t want to meet with Trump from the get go.

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  1. Totally agree with you DML…sounds like he didn’t want to meet with THE President!! I live in Ohio WILL NEVER VOTE for him again! Wish we could impeach him

  2. DML, you’re totally wrong here. DeWine is a good Governor. He closed Ohio to the CCP virus early on to keep Ohioans safe and deaths down when treatment for it was unknown. Also, when the question of hydroxychloroquin’s use to aid early onset of the virus was said to be beneficial, he joined with 5 other states to procure it for Ohio directly from a company who manufactures it. He is open minded and listens to the people and their needs.

    • As an Ohioan, DML you are correct.He didn’t want to meet Trump. He may back HCQ but shutting down the state and mandating masks, not a good idea. At least he hasn’t done what Cuomo did with the nursing homes. He needs to get off his power trip.


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