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Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk ripped Republicans to shreds in a series of Twitter posts Tuesday night, after the news broke that several Senate Republicans had joined Democrats to support a bipartisan “gun safety” bill.

Tuesday night, the Senate voted 64 to 34 to advance an 80-page gun safety bill, in response to the mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y., and Uvalde, Texas.

The Hill noted that the Senate voted to advance the bill just over an hour after negotiators unveiled its text, allowing lawmakers little time to even read the details of the bill.

The bill doesn’t include many of the “far-reaching” reforms that Democrats wanted, such as bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and universal background checks.  However, it does expand background checks for prospective gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 21, expands an existing law that prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from owning a gun, and includes incentives for states to create so-called red flag laws.

Kirk unleashed his fury on Republicans, first tweeting, “BREAKING: Senate Republicans just signed on to a deal with the Democrats to fund Red Flag Laws all over the country. This is a massive betrayal of the voters’ trust. Unacceptable.”

More tweets soon followed, as seen below:

Cornyn says to Democrats on the Senate Floor: “First guns, now immigration.”
Texas, are you paying attention yet?

What if Republicans want to lose in November?

When one party is actively working to destroy America, “Bipartisanship” is not something to be proud of—it’s betrayal.

Senate Republicans are undermining an almost certain Red Wave in November by selling out on guns and amnesty for illegals. Only a stupid party would allow this to happen. They need to be stopped.

14 Republicans voted ‘YES’ tonight:

Roy Blunt
Richard Burr
Shelly Moore-Capito
Bill Cassidy
Susan Collins
John Cornyn
Joni Ernst
Lindsey Graham
Mitch McConnell
Lisa Murkowski
Rob Portman
Mitt Romney
Thom Tillis
Todd Young

I’m so sick of Republicans.

The year is 2040:
Owning guns is illegal
The dollar is dead
Gender no longer exists
You walk around with a chip in you
Electric vehicles are mandatory
Children are taught Chinese before English
But at least Ukraine got $40,000,000,000 and Republicans passed red flag laws!

REPORT: Here are the 14 GOP senators who voted to advance gun safety bill

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  1. You know the gun is nothing but a tool I could kill each and every one of them senators with a pencil are you going to ban the pencil now…? That is not how you provide safety each and every one of you are out of touch with reality along with Joe Biden old applesauce brain

  2. I’m 74 and voted Republican since I was 21, but now I’m finished with them I WILL NOT VOTE THIS NOVEMBER!!! Iv had it they shit on themselves every time!! Will give Biden a huge win!!

  3. 14 RINOs whi have to go! If we take back the Senate McConnell can go sit in the corner because we won’t make him Senate Majority leader again.

  4. We have to vote regardless of how angry we are about RINOs. We cannot let the Dems just take over. Where I live currently my state is doomed. We have to choose the lesser of two evils come November. Then we rally and vote out those who are against this country. Right now, this coming election we desperately need a RED WAVE or we are finished as a country.

  5. It’s unbelievable always the same suspects! Either we take back our country or cowtow to the commie democrats and risk losing it all. These RINOs like McConnell and Graham will never change. They will always put their own political interests ahead of the voters. We have the momentum now to take back control of the house, senate, and the White House in 2024 if we stick to our guns .

  6. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Joni Ernst, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell…no surprise here. Same ole RINOS.

    Republicans are going to have to get together and decide once and for all on a unified platform. Some tweaks and/or additions to gun laws are not necessarily bad, regardless of the NRA’s strict opposition to any changes at all. There are incredibly wide variances among states’/cities’ needs as far as personal protection.

    Overall what’s missing in ALL the media screaming including Kirk are strong changes needed in prosecuting those convicted of possession of illegal guns. The majority of crimes are not school or mass attacks but street crime. The liberal MSM is pushing to control a raindrop in the ocean.

  7. We need to vote to get Dems out, we can deal with the RINOs at that time! We need to vote Republican first, then win, then deal with the next thing! Do not NOT vote! America depends on us!!!

  8. Vote all the corrupt idiots out! Can’t trust anything. They only care about lining their own pockets off of America. All they do is penalize & destroy America. They are a true disgrace to this country.

  9. Go out and vote, we need to replace RHINOS with the new Conservative party. If you don’t vote the Dems win and the destruction of America continues. It may be a process but we can knock these people out one by one. Wars weren’t won in a day, battle on Patriots. This is the future for our kids and grandkids. Keep fighting at even the local level, school boards, mayors, city council, it starts at the bottom. Research your votes!!! They are going to disguise themselves in sheeps clothing!!!!

  10. I agree with Charlie Kirk. That red flag law has no due process. This is dangerous. We must protect 2A at all cost otherwise tyranny and RINOS will control us.

  11. Rob Portman (rino Ohio) voted with democrats.No surprise there.I’m sure Vance would vote the same way.What the hell was Trump thinking

  12. It’s clear to me that the US Government is at war with Americans.

    The Government is armed and moving aggressively to wipe out American’s liberty, freedom and savings.

    WHEN will Americans stand up?
    Or will there not even be a fight?

    I’m NOT going willingly.

  13. The same names. Every year America is propelled to socialist policies and loss of freedoms while these yahoo’s have been in office all along. Lack of backbone and total disrespect of their constituents.


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