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The President of the United States wants to undo the damage done by the former president by placing the citizenship question back on the U.S. Census.

Stand tall! Show your support for placing the citizenship question back on the U.S. Census. Wear our new t-shirt and show America that you are a PROUD US CITIZEN.

The t-shirt comes in V-neck and Crew-neck styles. Sizes available are M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. Shirt is cotton.

All orders ship via USPS ground. Shipping is FREE. A portion of each sale goes to the DML Foundation, a 501c that gives 100% of its funds to veteran groups and charities that help US children in need.  Each shirt costs $24.00

To order online now, just select your style and size and click the yellow BUY NOW button below. If you do not have a PAYPAL account, simply sign in as a guest. *If you have questions about your order, contact us at [email protected]

Style and Size

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  1. I want to donate another check to DML. I know it is in eastern long Island . Please send me the information . This is my way of supporting DML. I trust what you are doing and while watching you tonight them bastards at facebook shut you off.I am 86 years old and have been involved in Politics and Unions and thankfully retired at age 60 because I had enough of all the B/S. Dennis I wish you the best and believe me I know what you are up against. God Bless you and family. The check will be in the mail as soon as I get the address again.

  2. God put the President in a really difficult place that carried a huge burden of constant vile attacks, ugliness of the people who became as gutter rats chewing on and gnawing mercilessly on his character, his family ranting evil accusations. He has withstood this difficult task with the heart of a soldier of God. He has withstood ridicule, insults, false lies manufactured by the media and social insults on a daily basis. He has been battling injustice throughout his 4 years.
    God has watched his strength to carry a cross on his back drag it along streets filled with hateful, name calling citizens. He will win 4 more years to continue his assigned mission, ending in his crucifixion and will roll back the stone ridding the world of satan’s large but pitiful army of evil soldiers.


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