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Loyola Marymount University (LMU) will host a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on Friday, November 5.

The Catholic university, located in Los Angeles and sponsored by the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), the Marymount Sisters (Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary), and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, states on its website the school and its religious leaders “share a common dedication to academic excellence, spiritual growth, and social justice as hallmarks of a contemporary Catholic university.”

The article goes on to state the following:

A petition sent from RenewLMU to school President Tim Snyder, however, requests the event be cancelled, as PJ Media observed.

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  1. I went to Mt St Mary’s for college, an all girls convent and college.. They are a sister campus to Loyola Marymount. They are at the top of the mountain overlooking Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and pretty much the whole downtown Los Angeles. They are an excellent college, but back in 1978 they were becoming pretty liberal. I can only imagine what they’re like now.

  2. Satanists have infiltrated the Catholic Church. But the icon worshippers anyway. They seem to take the Ten Commandments and only pick and choose what they want to follow. Like thou shall not make any graven images onto me. I see icons of Athena. Athena is not part of capitalism or Christianity in general.

  3. Well they are nothing but CINOs ( Catholic in name only ).Truly shameful.and do NOT represent that religion and at the disgusting rate the ” pope” is going he’s nothing but. a PINO !!!!#

  4. Such hypocrites, have been for a long time actually. Same as the Queen, her son and g/sons, she is the titular head of the Church of England, and supposedly a very religious woman, yet they are all for the global warming hoax. If they truly believed in God Almighty and knew their Bible they would know that only GOD ALMIGHTY can alter the earth’s climate, certainly not mere mortals.

  5. The Pope is a Jesuit. Don’t trust him.

    The illuminati at the very top is led and controlled by supernatural beings known as Lucifer/Satan, and various other supernatural demons who use a variety of names. Under Satan and his demons are the Jesuits, they are next in charge. Why are the Jesuits second in charge under Satan and his demons? Because Satan and his demons are spirit beings and they need spiritual protection, so they placed the Jesuits underneath them in the illuminati to protect them. The Jesuits protect Satan and his demons by fighting a covert but violent war against true Born again Christians who follow Jesus Christ, and are able to cast away and do damage to demons by following instructions from the Bible. Since the 1600’s, the Jesuits have been infiltrating Bible translation offices, to remove Bible verses and corrupt manuscripts to corrupt the instructions given to Christians by God. However in 1611, under the authority of King James of England, the greatest minds of England were able to produce the greatest Bible translation ever called “The King James Bible”. The King James English Bible was translated from the original uncorrupted Greek and Hebrew texts, and was an exact English translation of every word given to Jesus disciples (New Testament) and to the Jews (Old Testament). Since the publication of the King James Bible, the Jesuits and their agents have been trying to replace it with other Jesuit modern versions, which bring down the deity of Jesus Christ, and which remove multitudes of verses to water it down. A watered down inaccurate Bible becomes a useless tool in the hands of a Christian, therefore they lose their authority to come against Satan and his demons. The Jesuit like a cunning special forces soldier, has come into the camp of the Christian, and tampered with his weapon, to give Satan an advantage and to weaken the Christians weapons. This is one way the Jesuit protects his master Satan and the demons. It is only a born again Christian who knows the Bible and has the Holy Ghost in him, who can actually entrap and cast away these notorious spirit beings (Satan and his demons) who control the illuminati.

    The Jesuit has also fought against Satan’s enemies for centuries by: burning, boiling, shooting, stabbing, poisoning, beheading and torturing any born again Christian who follows the Bible. This assault by the Jesuits against God’s people continues to this day, as the Jesuits secretly poison and assassinate genuine Protestant Christians who will not submit to the Pope or their agenda. The Jesuits are able to use all kinds of poisons, such as secret nanotechnology bio-weapon poisons, that cannot be identified by most medical blood tests.

    The Jesuits use the Roman Catholic Church as an institution where they become the authority over anyone interested in Christianity, so that they can control anyone interested in Christianity, and stop them from ever truly becoming a real Christian through: false doctrine, useless rituals and dumbing down. The Roman Catholic in essence, becomes a victim, as they seek to pursue God, they are trapped by a system where the Jesuits who rule the Vatican and clergy are instructing the congregation according to the will of Lucifer. Lucifer’s will of course is for these congregation members to be blind to the truth so that they cannot be effective in battle against him. This dumbing down of the Roman Catholic congregation is spread throughout the Protestant denominations, as the Jesuits recruit Protestant preachers through freemasonry. As we read various reports in today’s media, where we have well known Protestant Ministers saying that, we need to unite with the Vatican, we can observe the Jesuit influence has moved throughout many church denominations and is not isolated to the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuits job is to control anyone interested in Christianity and protect Lucifer from them. The Jesuits are satan’s bodyguards on earth, that is why they are so high up in the illuminati.

  6. Yea. They will take the money 💰and fund all the illegals invading r country. You won’t believe all the Catholic institutions that r funding this invasion. It’s sickening.🤮 I was born and raised Catholic. I am done when I heard that.👎

  7. For those of you living under a rock, the Catholic church is not a conservative bastion. It had always held leftist views. During Latin America’s Cold War of the 60s through the 80s, it was the Catholic church that promoted communism and supported leftist guerillas.

    Dig into your history books and name one successful nation ruled by the Catholic Church. You will find zero.

    • I would hope that the measure of a religion is fidelity to Christ’s teachings. Secular business should count for nothing.


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