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Rather than treating wounded troops, Russian commanders are shooting their own soldiers on the battlefield.

As Russian troops scramble to keep fighting a stiff Ukrainian resistance, leaders are not only leaving their wounded for dead but are contributing to the killing, according to a report. A video of captured Russian intelligence troops, made by Ukrainian journalist Volodymyr Zolkin and obtained by the Mirror, shows the captured troops explaining how commanders “finished off their wounded.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“It was a young man. He was wounded,” one of the captured soldiers says. “He was on the ground. He was asked if he could walk, so he was shot dead with a gun.”

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  1. No one cares anymore, the democrats have switched the narrative to abortion, so they can carry on with the money laundering in Ukraine. Works every time.

  2. “Stiff Ukrainian resistance” you mean stiff United States/NATO resistance. This is all bullshit and you know it Dennis. Do some real reporting and expose the money lenders who are funding this war and have funded every war since Napoleon do some real reporting Dennis tell them who’s funding these wars tell him who funds NATO tell them who created NATO..

  3. Tell them about the money lenders Dennis.
    Show them how fast your ass is shut down the moment you speak the truth.
    Money lenders of NATO.
    Tell them it comes out the Talmud Dennis.
    Tell tell them who created communism and who funds its advance.

  4. One more thing man.. Show them how this war parallel ww2. All the propaganda all the lies all funded by the same people for the same reason.. Someone didnt money grubbing money lenders in their country.
    Or surrounding it.

    Please tell us how they can fund every war since Napoleon – and be a victim OF ANY!!
    Pure propaganda- just like this shit they are feeding us.

  5. What’s the difference between DML and CNN reporting on the war? Seems they both lean to their own perceived biases.

  6. We will eventually discover this is all BS. Nothing would destroy morale and create mutiny faster than commanders killing troops. This is total nonsense on the same level as WMDs, Clintons hanging condoms on Christmas trees, and Trump pushing the button.


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