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Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, up for reelection in a swing state, said Saturday the nation needs to “reflect” on the legacy of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “before the politics begin.”

Ginsburg, 87, died Friday due to complications from pancreatic cancer. The vacancy she left immediately begged the question of whether her seat would be filled before or after the next term of the presidency.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I hope before the politics begin — because there will be plenty of time for that – that we have some time for this country to reflect on a great woman who led our nation’s highest court and the work that she has done for this nation, whether you agree or not,” Gardner said.

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  1. Position needs to be filled immediately the way the Democrats have been behaved just last four years it will be an outrageous free-for-all if they’re allowed make that decision

  2. Mourn for what She is just a judge of questionable decisions to say the least . Anthony Scalia was murdered and there was no cry’s for him A woman who spent her life Behind a . robe of killing the most innocent among us And those of you who have been raped or assaulted might do well to look into her part of helping old Billy the rapists with his cases . He did put her in. With Soros and Brooks lining up the attacks on people on Election night . I think ASAP is not quick enough

  3. Mourn for what, she lived a long , long, long, luxurious life . ( privileged too)

    More than I can say for millions of babies that never ever even got a chance in life because of her!

  4. No ones stopping him from mourning! But not everyone needs time to do that, in fact if someone in a working family died, most have 5 days or less.

  5. Senator Gardner, that is the sillest thing I have heard. Her family will mourn and we will get back to business. The Democrats are already trying to screw up the Durham investigation and go after Barr. They have been after this President since before he took office, with every trick in the book.


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