Crazy Left Podcast Feb 16: Gun Control Advocate Shoots at Republican Candidate

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Ep. 13: The Crazy Left Podcast is 49-minutes for this day February 16, 2022

A Gun control advocate praised by the left is arrested for attempted murder in shooting incident. Mayor Eric Adams pulls out the race card just 46 days into his term. Democrat’s are desperate to separate themselves from the Defund The Police movement. Defiant L’s is suspended for exposing left wing hypocrisy. And much more!

The Crazy Left Podcast with host Alec Lace is a TeamDML production. Lace, who is a full time mechanic for the New Jersey railroad system and part time Uber Driver, uses his unapologetic, no nonsense style to expose the radical left in a way that is both serious and hysterically funny.

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  1. F u Nancy You created this mess you damn Democrats you evil monsters you defunded everything you fired people for not getting the jab Don’t even backpedal We are citizens of United States of America and we will never forget your disgusting people to funding anyone remember at the polls the Democrats created the mess remember


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