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The Crazy Left Podcast is 47-minutes for this day February 4, 2022

Whoopi Goldberg’s racist comments earn her a 2-week suspension from the View. Joe Biden embarrassed himself in NYC. Jen Psaki doesn’t understand why people care that there’s no consequences for criminals. A college professor supports adults having sex with children. More democrats express their regret for voting for Biden and much more!

The Crazy Left Podcast with host Alec Lace is a TeamDML production. Lace, who is a full time mechanic for the New Jersey railroad system and part time Uber Driver, uses his unapologetic, no nonsense style to expose the radical left in a way that is both serious and hysterically funny.

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  1. Whoopi is so fake! I’m not buying any of it. I really hope she never comes back to TV and the View is canceled. It’s all about hate and misinformation!! I’m happy to see people pushing back. Hollywood never will, but there are more of us then them. #FireWhoopiNow

  2. Slavery wasn’t all about race… i mean not like being a racist means today. Blacks sold blacks into slavery. It was what it was in those times.

  3. Who cares about Whoopi G.
    Its nothing new that Bidum blundered again.
    Jen Psaki is and will continue to be an idiot.
    The AH that thinks that havivg sex with children is okay, is because he uses his narcissistic way of thinking to justify its okay, because either he wants to or is already doing it himself.
    For the Dumb ass Democrats that feel they made a mistake for voting Bidum , its too late, its on you, can’t change it, you F.?,,’ked up, look where the Country is heading now. One should have watched the debates and seen how stupid Bidum was. For some reason you all hated Trump so bad that you would have voted anyone. You wanted Bidum, you got him, Fairly? Not on your life!!! Fixed? Certainly!!

  4. Slavery was about MONEY$$$$. Whom every had the most bought and sold slaves. Its not a race thing . Some People are really ignorant of history .. Oh yeah thats why the left wants history erased, they dont want people to know the truth.

  5. Alec, you hit all emotions in today’s podcast. If you can put the crazy left’s ideology in a humorous perspective, then it defines your program well…The Crazy Left. Thanks for being with us. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always.

  6. The murders in New York City and the robberies and everything else rape pedophiles all-time high. And the cops are taking away 5-year-olds for eating pizza without the vaccine the card. And a 9-year-old at a museum just take her out for him I think it was a her. And put her in the squad car really This is what you’re doing cops their murderers out there there are rapists there are robberies and this is what you’re doing just not right not right get the criminals back where they belong

  7. Whoopi is a scumbag but I defend her right to have an opinion.

    We espouse that it is dangerous for the left to censor and create “out of bounds” topics for discussion. So on that note i fond it just as disturbing that any topic on Jewsnornthe Holocaust has become radioactive. Just voicing an opinion can get you labeled as an anti Semite. I think the Jews are the heads of most entertainment/news media organizations and could give a rat’s ass about religion. These non religious Jews weaponize their ethnicity to go after people who disagree with them.

    I think Whoopi was innocent od any wrongdoing even though she is a scumbag.


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