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  1. Alec, we’ve got a lot of work to do seeing what we’re up against! It’s very interesting to observe the other side (Looney Left) and realize why we’re in such turmoil! Love your wit, presentation and the backup clips just prove the point made in the video version on
    Thank you for joining our Team. Looking forward to your next “Crazy Left” pod.

  2. A great new week’s format for Team DML podcasts. Both Alec and DML are quick to the point on current issues/events in the news albeit humorous or downright unbelievable which is most of the time nowadays. Cut from the same cloth as I see them with their insight, common sense reasoning and ready to roll with no holding back attitudes. Thank you both for making time to be with us…looking forward to next week’s unexpected Keystone Cops adventures with the radical left’s agenda! Have a great weekend!

  3. 1/10/22. Alec, just hilarious! It’s fun to show the crazy left at their best being crazy! There is no sense to anything they do. The Trump imitation…perfection. Thanks again for your time today…great job. Enjoying your podcasts

  4. 1/12/22 ‘Crazy Left Podcast’ is one of the best additions to Team DML/News App! It just gets better thanks to the left and their ridiculous existence. Revealing this left craziness should actually ease our minds about the lefts’ threats! Thank you, Alec, for your time with us. Everyone have a good Wednesday!. Save America!🇺🇸

  5. 1/17/22 ~ Appreciate your time with us, Alec. It only gets more and more frustrating in the Looney Left world and it continues to get overlooked as dangerous or unlawful. 2022 and 2024 can’t get here fast enough!🇺🇸

  6. 1/19/22 Alec, loved today’s podcast…exceptionally funny(you) and ridiculous (left)! If you keep filling the Looney Bin, there won’t be any radical lefties left to watch their ridiculousness and madness! That’s fine with me.

  7. Thank you, Alec, for exposing what should not represent America…the Crazy Left! The damage done by these radicals, especially to our young childrens’ mindset, must be stopped or the future of this country will be dim. Thanks to those who have had enough and are rising up to speak out the truthful consequences of this dangerous radical left ideology.🇺🇸

  8. Thanks Dennis and Alec for a spot on podcast today! It is very alarming what is happening to our youth and society in general. It should be in the forefront of our major issues, but it clearly is oblivious to many and that is what the radical left want…to keep us distracted while they quietly work in the background. Appalling!

  9. Thank you, Alec. As in ‘Jaws’, you might say, “ You’re going to need a bigger ‘ jail cell’ ! Lol. The fans singing the National Anthem, in my opinion, is more powerful than to boycott the NFL. Alec, I’m very interested in how you got started. Had you any broadcasting experience before? If not, you’re a natural then…fantastic job! You and Dennis amaze me! 😊

  10. Today’s podcast should be on your ‘Must Do’ list. DML and Alec Lace are a perfect balance of insight/truth/opinion! Complimenting each other to provide a different perspective for the listener to ponder on current issues! The best thing since peanut butter joined jelly! Thank you for being with us today, Dennis and Alec.
    BTW, I had not known of Joe Rogan before mentioned on Team DML.

  11. Alec, you hit all emotions in today’s podcast. If you can put the crazy left’s ideology in a humorous perspective, then it defines your program well…The Crazy Left. Thanks for being with us. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always.

  12. Alec, my blood pressure just got higher watching your podcast. Today’s program outlines the disturbing and dangerous attempts to indoctrinate our young. How can parents allow such harm to their own going against American traditions, values and civility? We all should know the outcome of the future generations if this continues…it needs to end with the right leadership. Vote RED in 2022 to help end this madness before it’s embedded in the minds of our young and it’s way too late. Pray for our children of America!!🙏🏻🇺🇸

  13. Alec, your frustration is my frustration and it was evident in today’s podcast….What continues to be issues in our very existence can be solved easily. Remove and replace the current radical left looney leaders who make no common sense decisions that are beneficial to our society and country… Placing human life in danger on a daily basis! It’s time to stop putting up with this damaging process to our American way of surviving!

  14. Thank you Alec and Mark Bauerlein for joining us today with an interesting take on millennials and their behavior. I place the blame on technology abuse used as a built in baby sitter and entertainer of sorts. The meaningful quality time spent with children and parent diminished over the years only to be replaced by progress. The decline of patriotism, love of country, faith, civility, rule of law, and traditions since the Baby Boomers is evident. We must do a better job as parents to intervene and lead by example or the foundation of this country will be lost.

  15. Thank you, Alec. As always, a funny and enjoyable Podcast that unfortunately depicts some of our future major issues…it’s going to take a lot to repair the damage of the looney leftists and what they are doing to our future generation. Then, there’s a war going on!


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