DML: 10 things I would do in first 7 days if I was president

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Written by DML
With the United States of America in total disarray under Biden, and with so many conservatives hemming and hawing over Trump versus DeSantis 2024, I figured it would be fun to post on Facebook the 10 things I would do in the first 7 days of my presidency if I was elected.

As I expected would be the case, my ten “to-do” items sparked a slew of comments on the social media network, most people saying they’d vote for me. And then of course there are the naysayers, people who think they know more than they do. These folks tell me I am wrong, or they express thoughts and comments that are far from reality and truth.

Below are the eleven things I listed (I added one for good measure). Under each of them I will offer a comment left by a reader. And then I issue a response. Have fun reading.

1. Turn on mass drilling and ensure we rely on no other country for gas and oil.

Deborah Sturgess

That is exactly what needs to happen(br>

DML:Trump helped build a great energy sector, Biden destroyed it.  But not to the point of gonzo, we can get it back!


2. Shut down border declaring national emergency due to drug epidemic.

Gina LoGuercio Klein commented:

I’m sure that’s exactly what President trump will do!

DML: Trump had 4 years to do this sort of thing, but he didn’t. Drug overdose deaths climbed to a record high in 2019. There were 70,980 reported deaths from overdoses in 2019, surpassing the peak of 70,699 deaths in 2017, according to CDC data. The numbers represented a 4.6 percent increase from the previous year. The numbers only got worse during Covid when Trump shutdown the country.  We are now over 100,000 deaths to drugs.  Every president vows to win this war, but none go far enough.

3. Executive order for mandatory e-verify and launch task force to fine every company who hires illegal aliens.

Woody Tweidt commented:

Almost all of which #45 did while president !


DML: Untrue. Most of the items on the list were overlooked by Trump, or his efforts came up way short. He never tweeted one time about e-verify.  He told Steve Hilton of Fox News in a LIVE interview that it would be too hard on employers to find workers with mandatory e-verify.  Trump went as far as to say he tried using e-verify when building his Trump hotel in DC, but it was near impossible to find a legal applicant. If that isn’t a head scratching response. what is?  In short, Trump didn’t want e-verify because he didn’t want to piss off the US Chamber of Commerce, a pro-immigration lobbying firm who fights for cheap labor and who was invited to strategize with Trump when it came to immigration.   Sickening.

4. Begin massive deportation initiatives.
Rose Ann Vachy-Bright commented:

Trump did all of that and more.

DML: Trump said his administration would deport as many as 3 million illegal aliens with criminal records living in the United States. From fiscal years 2017 to 2019, ICE agents arrested and eventually deported around 205,000 convicted criminals and about 36,000 immigrants with pending criminal charges.  Overall, Trump was no where near the promised 3,000,000 and so his friends at the US Chamber of Commerce had to be happy.

5. Stop all immigration to USA until every American is living the American dream.

CarolMae Hoffman Hansen commented:

# 5 is really not realistic, but I like where you’re going here!

DML: CarolMae is wrong. A key part of immigration law does give the president broad power. It says, “Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”  I would deem them all to be detrimental at this point in time.

6. Return tax money to tax payers by calculating the amount of money sent to Ukraine, Mexico, Latin America and Canada during Biden’s time in office. All taxpayers would receive their prorated share, and then going forward those countries would never see another dime because I’d allocate it all to hardening schools, getting homeless off the streets, and increasing numbers of border agents.

Paula Suwinski wrote:

Dennis when and how much did Biden give Canada??? Never heard that

DML: Believe it or not, Canada was slated to receive more than $50M in 2020 and 2021, not sure if they received the money or not.  Either way, there’s no need to send them money, and if it makes everyone feel better I will remove Canada and insert Afghanistan. But make no mistake, under the Constitution, the President of the United States determines U.S. foreign policy.

7. Work with DOJ to investigate those in DC who should be investigated for corruption.

Kim Bradbury commented:
#7, DOJ needs to be taken over by some other agency 

DML: No it doesn’t.  It just needs the right people in place. Trump did a terrible job hiring, how many AGs did he go through?  He loved them all then hated them all.  As for the current AG, Mr. Garland, he would be out of a job. I’d ask either Sen. Cruz or Tom Fitton to be in charge.


8. Give all members of military a raise.

Susan Tamayo writes:
Did you send that list to Trump???

DML: Trump gave the military a pay raise, I give him credit for doing so.  I would tack on more as they deserve it more than the money being earned by Congress.

9. Fire Fauci.

Alina Lucia writes:

Few points you can, few points you cannot! As president you cannot fire Fauci, but there’s other legal ways you might make it happen.

DML: Some people eat the veggies and mashed potatoes after they eat the meat, others mix it all together and eat it like a pie.  In the end the plate is empty.  Point being it doesn’t matter how he is removed.  Trump left Fauci in place.  Bad move. Fauci needs to be taken out of his position one way or another using whatever legal instruments available.

10. Tell China we ain’t borrowing another dollar, we’re not paying any of our outstanding loans due to their illegal hacking initiatives, and any land in the US owned by the Chinese government or Chinese companies they set up or invested in will be confiscated immediately and given back to the states. We no longer wish to do business or trade with the enemy.

Carol Tillison stated:
Run for President now and I’ll vote for you!

DML: I received a lot of those statements, and I am humbled.  But for now I am focused on helping people stay healthy by providing CBD products that boost the immune system, improve sleep patterns, curb anxiety and diminish pain.  With tens of thousands of happy customers who feel great again, I am sure my campaign would have a nice kick start as they’d all vote for me I hope. Which reminds me to remind you that the 60% OFF deal at ends tomorrow.  When I am finished being the king of CBD maybe I’ll run for governor in Florida because Lord knows there will be an opening in 2024 when Mr. DeSantis moves into the White House.

11. Because I’d over deliver, the 11th thing I’d do is make it impossible for George Soros to fund another campaign. Not sure how I’d do it, but my team of conservative lawyers would find a way.

Karen Mitchell writes:

YES!!!! I’d support these initiatives 100%!! Republicans need to have a similar platform and have all on the Republican side sign off on them!!

DML: I agree.  It will take the right sort of leader, I think DeSantis fits the bill.  My time isn’t now.



  1. I love your list and I’d vote for you in a heartbeat… but if you think DeSantis will do any of these when he already hires Koch Brother people and has the Bushes in his corner, you’ve lost your mind lol.

    Love ya, Dennis!

  2. Trump tried to hired the best but anyone he hired was so scrutinized by the media it was an almost impossible task to get who Trump thought was the best. And when anyone left they were demonize by the media (which is the left). I give all his administration much admiration to take a job in the Trump administration and come out unscathed

  3. Stop bashing trump, his hands were tied, u sound like it’s so easy? Deep state is tough to fight against! Get over it already! Desantis in 2028

    • I agree. It’s not as easy as it seems to get anything done in that swamp. DeSantis is not going to run for president. He won’t go against Trump. DeSantis has a good thing going here in Florida. If he runs for President it won’t be in the next election. Maybe the next.

    • Trump had his hands tied on inviting Tom Sullivan to voice input on immigration? Trump has his hands tied not to tweet about eVerify? Stop it.

    • I think that Trump thought the same thing. Trump being a businessman, was used to hiring people and expecting performance. Telling people what he wanted and it getting done. Not so in our government.
      No person is perfect, but you have to give Trump kudos, not only did he actually get things done, despite those who worked against him. He also exposed the corruption that the entire government participates in.
      DML has some excellent points. But until you have walked in those shoes, often things seem simpler then they are.

      While being president is an aspiring goal that DML has had for a while. One has to be realistic in that nothing in politics is honest. Would anyone who doesn’t have a hardened exterior, a callus be able to do the job? Trump has that exterior. No person I have ever known of could have weathered what he has and then want to do it again.

  4. DML for President! We need someone who has the balls to deport all these illegal aliens. You are definitely the smartest guy in the room. You have my vote Dennis.

  5. How about adding No foreign countries or for that matter no non citizens of the United States are allowed to purchase land in the United States!!

  6. Dennis I agree with everything you say you would do!! But Reality knows what you want to do and what you actually would get done are different!!! You have congress and / or Senate to deal with. Right now you could not possibly accomplish all of this and focus in the world, health and economy! I believe we need Trump 2024 to get us back to America here and abroad!! I agree The boarders are number 1!!! But DeSantis needs to remain governor so He can continue to lead other states! DeSantis can slide in 2028!! He has 3 small children and his wife just battled cancer!!! He could not withstand what is going to happen in 2024 if a Republican Trump or DeSantis gets in!! Trump will withstand all because he knows now or never!!! Just my opinion but I have not yet been convinced of another choice!! Dennis when you Run I will vote for you and I would even love to work for your campaign!!!!! I have followed you since 2016, You are intelligent, Honest, well spoken, say what you mean, great reporting, Great News facts, love your CBD Capsules, You are the whole package! I also understand for you not yet! And I believe Not yet for DeSantis!! But between Trump, DeSantis and Dennis Michael Lynch, America will be proud, Safe, Wealthy, Free, continue the American Dream, Schools will go back to teaching, People will go back to believing, Law and Order Restored, Strict boarder policies in place, NO WAR, Good Economy , I can keep going!! Not a perfect world BUT Free and God fearing!!!

  7. This should be #1 in my opinion.

    Release all Patriotic Americans that were wrongly in prison from the capital building and make sure they get a fair trial…

    If Biden did that now , the midterm elections might be a little different.

    • Trump said he will release them when he gets in. I agree with you. Trump needs to get back in. DeSantis in 2028 He is still young.

  8. Being president is not an easy job. Trump had to deal with the media the swamp his own party attacking him 24/7 !! Walk in his shoes and see how you feel! We need him in 2024 and DeSantis in 2028 so that we can have 12 years and reclaim this country back again!! AMERICA FIRST!! If he chooses to run we all need to stand behind him or this country is going to collapse!!!

  9. Love your ideas DML…and if you could do that it would help America immensely. And I for 1 would vote for u if you ran…but just know that u would be fighting an evil beyond your wildest existence…no I’m not talking about Obiden or the corrupt democrats or Bill Gates or even George Soros…beyond the Rothchilds or the Rockefellers…you would fighting against an evil that exists in only 1 being…and that is Satan himself…but just know in the end God wins and thus Christian here will forever have back

    • Yes!!! Agree to the fullest. Evil beyond comprehension.. dealing with that is a mind blower. Anyone who runs has to realize what they are getting into. Trump found out the hard way. But now he knows. I believe he needs to get security. It’s going to get ugly..

  10. Great platform and ideas! Would you possibly consider VP with Trump or DeSantis ? A dynamic team in the same page would be awesome

  11. I would VOTE for you in a heartbeat!!! I love your list. Hire more people to help Mary and the kids with your business and GO FOR IT!!!!

  12. Wow! Big change from election night when your were going to sleep sure that’s Trump would remain in power. I’m disappointed in you. TRUMP 2024!

    • Big change? What planet are you living on. Ten things I’d do, followed by facts about Trump and history, and this is your response. The Crazy Right.

  13. No disrespect dml but it’s easy to sit behind your computer and talk shit. Trump did what he said he would do. Just a fact. May not be a polished swamp politician but he can get the job done and has a Trac record to prove it. DeSantis will go down just like the heavyweights that went after Trump. And you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a Trump debate. No disrespect but that’s a fact!

  14. I served in the Navy when Reagan was in office. He gave us a 14.3% pay raise. They deserve no less. May the lower ranking personnel wouldn’t be using EBT/SNAP in the Commissary here. Bet very few even knew that. My daughter was still under 21 and had an ID when she had a baby and would go to the Commissary with me to do her shopping with me. As far as e-verify most businesses use it where I live.

  15. No DML I think this is exactly the right time we need new leadership like this who cares about us and the country and everything you said should be the priority of a president who gives a damn about his country and it’s citizens I would vote for you so would everyone I know please consider it I know you would win

  16. Just a thought DML, maybe start with senator? Call out the Rhinos. Establish a sound GOP base in the senate. If Desantis runs… replace him as Governor! You have a great following with your podcasts, your heart is in the right place God,Family,work. It’s a tuff world out there! Hang in there everyone.

  17. I never thought DML would turn into a Trump basher. Guess we see where you really stand. I have to say I’m truly disappointed in you DML. You of all people know exactly what Trump was up against with the deep state and the swamp. I joined your website because I thought you were MAGA strong. But you’re just another know it all. This will be the last time I read or comment on your posts as I will be deleting your app. I deleted FB for this same anti American bashing of the hardest working President in my 47 years of life! Won’t hesitate to delete you as well and never look back. And look! I’m including my real name! I am not ashamed of my views. And I’m not afraid to tell you how very wrong you really are!

    • Kudos for posting your real name. However, it is clear to me that you’ve learned little from the time spent here. Your comment reflects a worshiper who is blinded by emotion and thus, there is no way you are the smartest person in the room even when you’re alone. You cannot separate your emotion from your brain, and so your heart leads you to delete what you don’t want to know. It’s the equivalent of telling the doctor you’re not paying his bill because you don’t like the results on the Xray. I did not call Trump names, I did not say he dealt with Putin behind closed doors, I did not bash or belittle. I shared facts. Nothing I posted is untrue, it is a factual list but you don’t like the facts. So hit delete, free me of one more tin foil hat, and know that I will bet the farm you return with a fake name when you miss the truth and DeSantis is the nominee.

  18. Trump did a phenomenal job for what he was up against with the corrupt media, corrupt uncooperative congress both dems and Rinos and those programmed in our schools and colleges to be liberal militants, hate our country and be radical activists.

    Slow news day today or what? I think you are closer to hater Megan Kelly than I thot. Does she want to be your Vice President?
    There is no one that loves our country more or given more than Trump has.
    He deserves another term that was stolen from him.

    And I still don’t like your skanky ads here.

    • LOL. Although poorly written, your post was entertaining and it made me laugh. And by the way, the skanky ads from Google are typically based on your click and browsing history. Says a lot about you.

  19. I like the list, but it would be a very tough job to repair the damage that has been done to the country… We do not have equal justice under the law … That’s a very big deal.. The entire DOJ, FBI, CIA, and many other agencies need a thorough cleansing… The public school system and our universities is in shambles and is indoctrinating the young.. Trump’s biggest mistake was putting many of the wrong people in charge… They were weak and ended up turning on him… I think that would be your biggest challenge… The bureaucracy is so entrenched… I’m still pissed off over Afghanistan and the fact we still have people stuck there… Just curious how you would handle that… BTW.. agree that DeSantis would be the best choice for 2024…


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