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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour and 24 minutes for today.

DML puts the politics and news to the side for this episode, and he focuses solely on the horrible virtual boat tour he held for 5 days.

The podcast is both video and audio, and is made available for everyone today.

The show includes videos and photos that help explain the details. And at the end of the program DML responds to a vicious email he received about the tour.

Listen on the DML NEWS APP, iHeart, Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You can watch the program today on, and on the DML NEWS APP. NOTE: Video and audio version are embedded below. Video is usually available to members only. Today it’s free for everyone. The story is much better to grasp with the visuals than audio only.

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  1. Dennis,

    Just finished listening to your boat trip from hell. I am a yacht captain and Broker from the Charleston area, now in Jacksonville. I was cracking up listening because I have at some point experienced every one of these problems lol. Familiar with the dockhands at that marina. The area south of Jekyl Island I have been stuck in more than a few times. I have been in the business for 15 years now. I deliver new and older boats up and down the east coast and I can honestly say that new boats have bullshit break constantly. I am sorry to hear that you are getting out of boating. I have been listening for a year now and can tell you love being out on the water. If you change your mind about selling, I would be happy to help you with the boat. I am also starting a political printing business, I would be willing to barter your online sales knowledge for getting your charter business going. The charter business is a great idea. Take a few days or weeks to cool off lol.


    David Hicks
    Intracoastal Yacht Sales

    • David, I was wondering myself how many other boaters had to experience such difficult and trying challenges. Surely, many have. After all, you are at the mercy of nature’s hand at times with nothing in sight.
      I was so impressed with the way Dennis could handle each situation with such calmness, focus, and common sense critical thinking while keeping in mind the safety of his precious cargo…his children. So glad the crew is safely back home. Prayers answered.
      It’s very generous of you to offer Dennis such a proposition…who knows,he may have a change of heart.

  2. Loved your podcast! So sorry about your boating trip with your family. It was a learning experience for sure. The email guy was horrible and the world is full of as*holes. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love your podcasts and your CBD products. God bless!

  3. Thanks DML for the story
    Its an awesome point from you to remember that we must be humbled sometimes and never forget that we / ourselves make our own lives , and to be happy with what we do have .
    I fully understand the docking situations with the wind and currents , very very intense. I’ve never done it , I’ve only been on a boat with a 18 year captain in that situation . I’m absolutely fucking positive I would never want to be in the situation myself !! I wish the trip would have been better for y’all !! God bless you guys !!

  4. Gid bless you DML. That boating experience was an adventure for sure. I definitely felt your tension dealing with all the challenges. I’ve been in a boat before when a storm came out of nowhere. It’s pretty frightening. We were hit with hail too and the power of Mother Nature and the currents was eye opening. I definitely have great awareness for the weather more so now. I think you did the best you possibly could have under the circumstances. Let it roll off! You got it going on! I enjoy your up to date news, your analysis and your sense of humor. We all need to laugh once in a while. I met you at the Hermitage in Nashville Tennessee. We all had lunch and had a great time. I also recently (last year) bought a home in Florida in PCB. I love it but I couldn’t give up my home in Tennessee so I migrate back & forth. I was raised in WPB and have the ocean in my blood but love the beautiful hills of Tennessee also! Stay safe, yet keep being adventurous. No one ever succeeded without taking chances.

    God bless to you and Mary and your great kids.

  5. Just listen to your podcast…OMG thank God you and your family are OK… I cried… And as for the guy jealousy is a horrible thing to have!!…God bless you and your family❤️

  6. Thank you for the trip it was fun while it lasted. Sorry that your selling your big boat. I hope you find a boat you will be happy with.

  7. DML, I am an 80 yr. Old/young lady who not offended by your language. I was enjoying the trip and am sorry that you have made the decision to sell the boat. I hope your decision has been made with some time to really reflect and not spontaneously. Keep dreaming. I will keep listening.

  8. Thank You for the wonderful podcast!!!
    Love all that you do DML, so much fun listening to your experiences. But best of all , I love your information about what’s happening in America. You are the best!!!

  9. I am so sorry for all the problems you and kids had! I know you had to be strong and figure it all out and how stressed you must have been! Sometimes a great deal can be a nightmare! I hope good things come your way as you deserve it! Naysayers are not to be even upset about! We love all you do and loved the old walkabouts! Glad your walking again! Love to Mary and the family from Nort Texas!

  10. Your language DOES NOT BOTHER ME !!!
    I feel your anger, your frustrations, and I love how you express yourself!! Never STOP!!!
    You are the best DML!!!

  11. Oh Dennis!! This is heartbreaking! The struggles you went through on this trip is unimaginable! I can’t imagine the fear, disappointment and anger you experienced! Especially having your kids with you added an extra element of fear! I hate that you’re selling your beautiful boat and squashing your dreams of being a boat captain and taking people on adventures!! I could see how disappointed you are in giving up this dream of yours! I’m so very sorry BUT I’m so so thankful that you all made it home safely!! Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and HEALTHY!! I love and use your CBD products every day and I’ve never felt better! God bless you and your family each and every day!! I thank Him for keeping you all safe!!

  12. DML, What a great story of resilience and overcoming adversity along with recognizing there is a time to hold em and a time to fold em! So glad you made it home safely with your kids. God obviously has another plan for you. God bless Sir!

  13. Been with you since 2016, right after my husbands sudden passing in 2015.
    You provide us with the truth, which had made me the smartest Hispanic female in the room.
    I’m sorry you & your family went through such a horrible boating experience. But good thing you made it out alive.
    Take all the positive from the trip. Don’t make a decision until you’ve had time to step back to be alone to think it through.
    Don’t give up on your dreams. My dreams were wiped out when my husband died. I felt like a quitter after he died.
    And to the “have not” guy, he ain’t got nothing on you. He has built treasures here on earth. You, on the other hand, have built treasures in heaven, where moth nor rust doth corrupt.
    You will continue to have my support. Following you from the Rio Grande Valley, South TX.

  14. Hi Dennis,

    The guy who wrote that email is a loser and a putz!

    My mom was born in great neck Long Island! she never took any crap from anyone EVER! She was 4’11 like mighty mouse! She was also an entrepreneur she owned a dress shop in one of the suites my step fathers building in downtown Los Angeles called the Fur Mart. A Big _____ Guy came into her shop told her he was going to rape her she said screamed in a Gary voice to him nothing doing!! kicked him so hard in his balls he dropped his knife and ran out of the store, The police came and told my mom that he raped and killed a woman! if my mom had been a weak woman he would’ve killed her! This was in 1971! She died in 2007 at 87 and she NEVER GAVE UP! She was a wonderful mom! I owe my work ethic and morals to her! I miss her!

    I’m really sorry to hear about all the fucking hell you went through on your boat with your awesome kids! You’re an awesome role model with a great work ethic! I have the utmost respect for you! Your kids are awesome they really came thorough in the clinches! It’s a testament to how you and your wonderful wife raised them! Sorry you had to deal with all that crap on your trip from hell! what a fucking nightmare dude. The way way you handled that dickhead Cop who was on a power trip! was absolutely 1000% appropriate. a lesser man would’ve caved in and given up! up you’re a brave guy and I’m glad you have a lot of Moxie! I’m honored to hear your story and be a DML Member! I’ve been a member since 2015. it doesn’t matter to me how much money somebody makes or does it make! All that matters is they do the best they can for their family! I’m glad you have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and work your butt off! That’s what all successful people do! That’s what made America Great to live the American Dream to be successful and provide for their family! Kudos! This is what makes America Great! It matters how much love they have for the kids and family! I can see you love and care about your kids! My son is 36! I’m 66!, it doesn’t matter to me how many times you use the word fuck!! because everybody uses the word fuck at some point in time! and everything that you did during that horrible journey was completely appropriate! those deckhands were spoiled enabled brats! I’m surprised you don’t write a letter to the owner of that facility and the owner of the restaurant for the horrible service and bad attitude of the bartender/manager who should be fired for his fucked up attitude! Totally Unacceptable!

    I’m really glad you guys made it home safely and I wish you and your family tremendous success and great health!

    Best regards,

    Jeff Kaplan

  15. Thank you for sharing your boating adventure. I will miss the trip from Florida to New York. There is always another time. Get some rest and take time to evaluate your decision to not fulfill your dream.

    Thank you, Dennis, for always giving us the truth and educating us on so many different subject matters. So appreciate your films as well. Of course you will continue to have my support! BTW, you had me rolling in laughter.

  16. Thank God, you’re all safe and sound! I would have been scared to death, frankly but there was obviously something greater than you in charge of this amazing adventure. God has a way of sending out those important signals….and yours of course, was a test all along the way… finally took a storm to shake you to what is really important in life….the safely and care of you and your family. You’re an amazing guy and when others think you have such a sweet life, they haven’t walked in your shoes, felt your pain and yet they love to criticize! Having run a business with my husband for many years, envy always seemed to be the chatter if you happened to have taken a trip or purchased something new…they forgot that you worked 24/7 over all those many years.
    You’ll have other amazing adventures as your journey isn’t over yet!

  17. DML, you’re a survivor and an over comer, smart as all get out, and a wonderful human being. I’m so very sorry your dream didn’t work out, but you and your kids are alive and well. Thank you for your compassion and generosity toward others. I so appreciate your products and the BOGOs. I wouldn’t be able to function well without them. By the way, Ashley is great to work with. She helped me recently. She is the product of great, loving parents and parenting. God bless you and your family!

  18. Your accounting of your trip from hell was enthralling! I gas for air… I cried… And I am so grateful that you and your family are able to return home safely! What a nightmare! Thanks for taking the time to share that story with us. I’m not at all offended by the language… That’s exactly the way I talk when I am beyond frustrated! It just shows your passion, your commitment, and your love for your daughter and your son! You have your priorities straight! Sometimes things happen for a reason. Maybe this was the message. I’m sorry that your dream of captaining your own charter business has not come to fruition. One door closes, another one will surely open for you! For now, rest up if you can and enjoy the love of your family. Best wishes to you! I’m so appreciative…

  19. DML thanks for sharing this experience! I was scared for u all just listening to it!! I kept saying to myself ….they r all ok!!! So frightening!!! U were being helped from above! Give urself some time to think about parting ways with ur dream. U’d make an awesome boat captain!

  20. Well that was one rippin podcast i really felt like i was there ! So happy all.of you are safe and back.on land !! You have gotten alot of outreach here so maybe after a cool out period you can try again. I get it , a boat is one thing but family is EVERYTHING. Hang in there and keep talkin the way you do !! Now go have a REAL drink.!

  21. What a great Podcast! It was intense, kept me on the edge and gripping my iPhone just listening to the nightmare you, your daughter, and son were experiencing. 😳 You had me at HELLO! Lol. I’m amazed at how you kept so calm and used a level head at the present danger, then, just used your common sense to steer your boat out of the darkness to safety. A boat can be replaced, you and your children can’t. I’ve learned through the years when bad things happen, God and Family are a “constant” reminder who is really there for you. I could write a book about my life. Lol. Ignore the naysayers. Sometimes, “You just have to say, “WTF”. I do it sometimes when I’m mad or in pain. I try not to use profanity in front of children, or in public, but, that’s just me. It’s by no means a reflection on you. To each their own. You’re right about Trump, I did not like those things about him that you mentioned. It shows his lack of character and morals. I voted for him because of his policies, and I did not want Biden! Unfortunately, Trumps Words got him in trouble and Words do matter. These young people today need a President who they can look up to that has a moral compass. Why can’t we have a President who has strong leader skills and those other important qualities? Ron Desantis and Candice Owens are two of my picks for 2024. Also, I read the comment from David Hicks. Maybe, he can turn things around for you. You may get your “dream” yet. Just remember, when one door closes another door opens! Don’t ever give up! I’m glad you are all safe and back home in Florida. Thanks for sharing the Vitual Boat Tour with your followers. 🤗

  22. What an adventure!!! Holy cow!😂😎 I’m so glad that you and your kids ended up getting home safely! I would have been so SAD if something terrible would have happened to you guys. I enjoy every podcast you and Alec lace put out! God bless you Both DML 🇺🇲💪😎

  23. The only thing DML said wrong, is that he doesn’t have a New York accent. His NY accent is what gives him his charm.

  24. Dennis…boy you had a adventure! A sailboat maybe a option…still take people out and be on the water. Just a thought about how one door closes another opens!

    Better than sittin at the dock of the bay!

  25. 6/22/22 I watched your video and heard you share this story live stream! So grateful you and company were paying attention on your boat excursion! Exactly why I won’t be doing any boating! I can have fun playing on the shores, plus can’t afford all that boat expense! God is good, all the time! Thanks for sharing your exciting adventures! God Bless! Luckily I got to go to Hawaii several years ago, great memories! Blessed!

  26. What a fascinating storyteller you are. So sorry this happened to you, your family and your dream. Please don’t let your dream die just because of a major setback. I wish you would come to the West Coast of Florida where the ocean is much calmer. Charters are sold out here often. This experience means an even greater very wonderful future awaits. Totally agree with you about that stupid email.!


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