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Today is Aug 20 and here are the stories I am watching.

The former vice president will campaign in New Hampshire as his rivals jockey for attention from hundreds of Democratic officials gathering in San Francisco.

DML: He’s feeling the lack of foundation in his lead, he will slip to #2 and then #3 real soon.

2-Without a win Trump legacy is nothing
Axios reports that much of President Trump’s policy record — from health care to energy to immigration — would need a second term to take root, and could be easily reversed if he loses. Trump has few big legislative wins, and heads into 2020 with a policy record largely from executive action — regulations and rollbacks.

DML: Sadly, the Left is super correct on this one.  If he loses, his biggest accomplishment will be putting Twitter on the map.

3- Facebook to kill your news
Facebook executives are hiring seasoned journalists to help curate a forthcoming “News Tab” that they hope will change how millions get news.  News Tab,a personal passion of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is also an effort by Facebook to develop a healthier relationship with publishers, many of whom have had their business models destroyed by social platforms.  Facebook plans to pay millions of dollars to a handful of outlets to fill the New Tab.

DML: A News Tab test for 200,000 users will begin in October, with a rollout to all U.S. users early next year.  Amazing how this happens before the election.  If you are not part of, now is the time.

4-Tlaib, Omar blast Israel for denying them entry
Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota condemned Israel’s recent decision to impose restrictions on visiting the country, with the two members of the so-called “Squad” calling on Congress to get involved.

DML: If the News Tab on Facebook was alive today, this story would be portrayed as anti-Trump and the two Muslim radicals would be painted as victims.  Meanwhile, all this was and is… a big political stunt.

5-States to move forward with antitrust probe of Big tech companies
A group of states is preparing to move forward with a joint antitrust investigation of big technology companies, the Wall Street Journal reported. The probe involving various state attorneys general is expected to be launched as soon as next month and may focus on whether a handful of technology platforms use their marketplace dominance to stifle competition. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are four companies that are likely to be a focus of the investigation.

DML: Hope I hope they get broken up.

6-Trump administration tightens rules for immigrant work permits
The Trump administration issued new policy guidance on Monday tightening the rules for awarding discretionary work permits to immigrants who have been temporarily allowed into the United States for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Section 212(d)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act affords the Department of Homeland Security the discretion to decide when to afford aliens entry under “extraordinary” circumstances, such as to visit a dying relative or obtain life-saving medical treatment. The one-time entry is a privilege, not a right — and the administration’s guidance made clear that officials were wary it was being abused.

DML: Send them all home.  And no, we do not sell DML PURE CBD products to illegal aliens.  Only Americans buy from 



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