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Today is Friday the 13th, and aside from hoping that no jinx take place these are the stories I am following.

1-Dem debate in Houston gets loud

Long-simmering policy disputes between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and a slew of other candidates exploded into the open during Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate, as the candidates — often with raised voices — laid bare their fundamental disagreements on “Medicare-for-all,” immigration and more. Intermittent efforts by some candidates to show unity and keep the heat on President Trump repeatedly failed, with most striving instead to score an aggressive debate “moment” onstage in Houston.

DML: Biden, Sanders and Warren separated from the pack last night as the frontrunners.

2-McCabe faces potential criminal charges 
Andrew McCabe, former deputy and acting FBI director and a current CNN contributor, faces potential criminal prosecution after the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., recommended moving forward with charges Thursday, and the Justice Department rejected a last-minute appeal from McCabe’s lawyers. McCabe appealed the decision all the way up to Jeffrey Rosen, the deputy attorney general, but he rejected that request, according to a person familiar with the situation. The potential charges relate to the DOJ inspector general’s findings against him regarding misleading statements concerning a Hillary Clinton-related investigation.

DML: Lock him up!

3-Trump says he would consider ‘interim deal’ with China
President Trump signaled Thursday that he is open to the possibility of an interim agreement to resolve a lingering trade dispute with China until a permanent deal can be reached.

DML: That is powered 100% by concern over the upcoming election.

4-Trump promises ‘substantial’ middle-class tax cut 
President Trump told Republican lawmakers Thursday that “sometime this year,” he will announce a “substantial tax cut for middle-income folks who work so hard.” “We are working on a tax cut for the middle-income people that is going to be very, very inspirational,” the president told House Republicans at their annual retreat in Baltimore. “It’s going to be something that — I think it’s what everyone’s really looking for.”

DML: Protesters gathered outside the Marriott hotel on the Baltimore waterfront with a giant inflatable rat adorned with yellow hair and a red tie in tow.  I guess they prefer to pay higher taxes?  Or at these the people who never pay but only collect?

5- Shirley feels great again
This testimonial from TeamDML member Shirley Blanchard hit the inbox last night….
I purchased the DML PURE CBD Starter Kit and plan to follow DML’s same routine when he began consumption. My purpose was to decrease pain and stiffness in my knee joints especially when rising from a seated position, increase my energy level, and possibly lose a little weight. I did not need it to sleep better because I sleep very well. I have been using it faithfully for a month and a half. At first, I did notice an energy boost and after a month, I can honestly say that I was feeling no stiffness or pain in my knees. By the way, one knee is in need of a replacement. I walk and rise up without much effort now…it just transitioned so easily. So far, I am very pleased with the results. I actually just returned from hiking in Colorado with my grandchildren.  Thank you, Dennis for sharing this wonderful product. I hope it will finally give some users a pain free experience as it did for me.

DML: So you tell me…  There are 5 news items on this page.  Which of those items should you care about the most?  Without your health, nothing else matters.  Go to and feel great again just like Shirley!


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