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Today is June 10, and these are the stories I am watching:

1-Tariff dispute complicates U.S. ties with Mexico. President Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexico was averted by an immigration deal late Friday. But strains linger over the already-delicate relationship between two neighbors struggling to resolve the trade and border issues.

Unease remains. The deal was broadly celebrated by Republicans but left an undercurrent of tension between the president and many in the GOP, especially in the Senate, who dislike tariffs and opposed the Mexico policy.

DML: This deal with Mexico got so sloppy at the end, we should have just tacked on the tariffs.

2-China imports fall amid trade conflict. China’s imports dropped sharply last month, a fresh sign of anemic demand in the domestic economy, adding to the pressure on Beijing as it struggles to manage trade tensions with the U.S.

DML: The economy is set for a slide.

3-Watergate figure in the spotlight as Dems begin hearings on Mueller report
John Dean, the former White House counsel to Richard Nixon and a key figure in the Watergate scandal, is expected to be front and center on Capitol Hill on Monday, as House Democrats are set to begin a series of hearings this coming week seeking to keep the spotlight on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Although the week could end with Attorney General William Barr and former White House counsel Donald McGahn in contempt of Congress, no formal impeachment inquiry is on the table, and the way forward remains unclear. Prominent Democrats have continued to support the investigative “path” — in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — that some of them publicly hope will lead to impeachment. Trump slammed the hearings on Sunday, calling Dean, who is also a CNN contributor, a “sleazebag attorney” and that Dems do not get “do-overs” in the Russia investigation.

DML: Calgon, take me away.

4-California to give illegal immigrants full health benefits
In a stance to distance itself from President Trump’s administration, California is set to become the first state in the country to pay for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to have full health benefits. Under an agreement between Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the state legislature as part of a broader $213 billion budget, low-income adults between the ages of 19 and 25 living in California illegally would be eligible for California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal. The plan would take effect in January 2020, the Sacramento Bee reported.

DML: You can’t make this crap up.

5-‘Big Papi’ shot in the Dominican Republic
Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was ambushed by a man who got off a motorcycle and shot him in the back at nearly point-blank range in a nightclub in his native Dominican Republic on Sunday. A local reporter who said he’d spoken with the doctor who treated Ortiz told ESPN that a bullet had hit Ortiz’s lower back and came out his stomach. Police said Ortiz was transferred to a hospital where he underwent surgery. He’s reportedly now in stable condition. A witness at the scene said a suspect who was at the scene is in custody. Other circumstances surrounding the shooting were unclear.

DML: The DR is a bag place.  STAY AWAY.

5-Homeless epidemic worsens. A survey of nearly 86,000 students taken last fall by The Hope Center for College, Community and Justice found that homelessness affected 18% of respondents attending two-year colleges, and 14% of those attending four-year institutions. The number who said they had experienced housing insecurity, such as difficulty paying rent, was much higher, at  60%, among those attending two-year schools, and at 48% for those enrolled in four-year institutions.

DML: The homeless situation in America is off the charts, and it is getting worse.  This Wednesday, my film on homelessness is released on DVD.  Help me spread the word about how to fix the problem.  Pre-order the DVD and save with FREE SHIPPING.  Click here.

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