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Today is June 3.  Here are the stories I am watching:

1)President Trump is in Europe for a weeklong visit that is both ceremonial and official: It will include a state visit and an audience an lavish dinner with Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in London, D-Day commemoration ceremonies on both sides of the English Channel and his first presidential visit to Ireland. His visit to the United Kingdom comes days before British Prime Minister Theresa May will step down as head of the Conservative Party on Friday for failing to secure a Brexit deal. Trump has praised her her rival, prime ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson, saying that he thinks he would do “a very good job.” Trump is not expected to meet with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who called him a “global threat.” Trump has called Khan a “twin” of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, only “shorter.” 

DML: With so many problems at home, why go.  The media frenzy won’t be positive.

2)China and Mexico ready to talk
China and Mexico, the two largest sources of U.S. imports who face the possibility of new tariffs in the coming weeks, are reportedly willingness to negotiate with Washington over escalating trade issues. On Sunday, Beijing reportedly released a government policy paper on trade issues, accusing the Trump administration of scuttling the negotiations, which stalled in May. While saying Trump’s “American First” policy is hurting the global economy, China also said it is willing to negotiate. Mexico, meanwhile, rushed a delegation to the U.S. to discuss immigration issues, following the Trump administration’s threat last week to impose tariffs on all Mexican goods entering the U.S. if the Mexican government fails combat the migrant crisis at the border.

DML: Kudos to Trump

3)Investigators still seeking motive in Virginia Beach shooting 
Virginia Beach police are still looking for a motive behind the workplace shooting that left 12 people dead last Friday. The Virginia Beach shooter, identified as 40-year-old DeWayne Craddock, had submitted his resignation earlier that morning, officials said Sunday. Craddock, was an engineer with the city’s public utilities department for 15 years. In a news conference Sunday morning, Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen described the man’s work performance as “satisfactory” with no ongoing issues of discipline. Hansen also reiterated that Craddock was not fired or in the process of being fired leading up to the shooting.

DML: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

4) Gun Control. The one type of gun control gaining bipartisan support. A rare example of bipartisan action on gun-control legislation is the passage of “red-flag” laws, which temporarily take away guns from people deemed threats. Fifteen states have adopted them so far and a bill introduced in Congress would give grants for police training to states that enact the laws.

DML: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

5)Hospitals are cutting back on opioids for new moms. As part of a push to reduce unnecessary prescriptions, some hospitals are revisiting longstanding policies on how they dole out opioids for women who had C-sections.

DML: Always blaming something or someone else instead of addressing the real problem.

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  1. I say Trump has tried to work with China and Mexico for awhile now and we know what they’ve done or not done more so. Let them wait for him to get back to the states. They know what they have to do so I’m glad he doesn’t cower to their whims or demands.
    You are so right Dennis about misidentifying the actuals problems, reasons, and causes to the opioid epidemic as usual.
    And…yes people not guns is a problem but even with this so calked correction, who decides what classifies a threat. I see that rabbit hole now.

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