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Written by DML


DML CBD is one of the greatest CBD brands in the world.  Our customers love the products we offer, and the testimonials are nonstop.  Some customers say our products have significantly changed their lives for the better.  It should come as no shock that we are growing like wildfire.  With this said, we are making some changes.

Our products are not changing.  The amazing DML CBD formulas will remain the same.  What is changing is our look.  Starting in June, we are creating a new website, new logo, new labels, and new boxing.  This is an entire team effort and it will take us months to finish.  We expect everything to be done by the end of August.  While this happens, we will be limited in our ability to fill orders.  So you need to stock up now!

With the above in mind, we are offering our final BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer for many, many months.  In addition, once this offer ends we will have limited supply and manpower over the summer to ship orders.  Therefore, I suggest you LOAD UP NOW.

Every product we sell is now available for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (BOGO).  Plus, we will give you a 20% coupon to be used on your next purchase when this BOGO offer ends.  The 20% coupon will come in your box.  And to make it even better, the first 500 orders placed will get a free copy of my TRILOGY DVD set.  My immigration films THEY COME TO AMERICA I, II, and III on DVD will be given to you for free.  The 20% coupon and the DVD set will be in your box.  But it’s limited to the first 500 orders.

The BOGO starts now, and it will end when all the inventory is gone.  If you are a regular buyer, please get your order placed now.  If you are a new buyer, do not miss this chance to save yourself a ton of money.

I repeat: I expect there will be a few weeks in the summer when we will have no product to ship because we will be applying our new labels and boxing.  So please, do not miss this opportunity.  We will have NO MORE BOGO offers for many, many months.  Go now:


  1. When you say buy one get one. Is it buy one face serum get one free or buy one face serum get a gummies free?

  2. Thank you very much for offering the mints BOGO. I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale again. My husband has started taking them also. He was having more aches and pains the last few months so he started taking 1 mint a day along with his other vitamins and he said that he can tell a big difference. I have fibermylga along with severe back pain and fight migraines and neck spasms regularly from multiple brain tumors. I’ve been substituting a CBD each day for my prescription pain meds which seems to be helping me. Thank you very much for sharing these with us Dennis. Have a blessed day. Eileen

  3. I ordered the face serum 1 bottle get 1 free what it says is the first 500 customers get the 3 cds but this live says if you buy the 3 or 10 and get the 3 or 10 free you get the cds …. Oh well i dont understand but i am still very happy to get this serum !!

  4. Ok tried to order pain oil every thing was ok got to zip code would not let me put in last four digits dang it. Also tried to cable credit card # said my email was already in. Dang it. Have ordered lots of times with problems

  5. I got stuck on the payment page and changed the shipping address and now the site is just going round and round but I believe it took my square pay info, so the products were paid for but maybe being shipped to the wrong address. I can’t find a way to contact you all on that page. HELP!

  6. I don’t know what to order for arthritis in my hands. I took two jars of the gummy’s and didn’t notice anything. Please send me some suggestions what products I can use


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