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Unfortunately, there was a glitch in our membership system on Friday, January 14, 2022. As a result, emails were sent to some members stating their memberships were cancelled and access denied. Please disregard the email.

My tech team is aware of the issue, it is being fixed today. During this fix, you may experience a lockout period leaving you with no access to the website.  Please try to login again this evening after 7pm EST.  If you experience an issue after that time, please email [email protected]

We apologize for the mishap. I repeat: it was a computer glitch and the issue is being addressed as I write this post.

If you are NOT a member of, you can join by going to the website or using the 5th tab on the DML NEWS APP.  The membership provides access to the full length programs of The Wine & Talk Podcast, The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, and The Crazy Left Podcast videos (note: the free version is available in audio only the DML NEWS APP).  Also, on there is a 24/7 live chat used by members.

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  1. Thanks, I did get the email and responded to you; now I know what’s happening so disregard my email back to you. Thanks for keeping the good fight!

  2. I wonder if it was on purpose by someone? Not going to use PayPal anymore! Heard what they did to JeremyHerrell!! And others quietly taking them down . Who else can I use?

  3. Thank you explaining the situation. Thank you for all you do for giving us the truth everyday. Looking forward to the Wine and Talk.

  4. DML: Last night I couldn’t get on so bought a new membership, in the past its been automatically taken out, please check to see if I’ve paid twice.


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