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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 33-minutes for today.

DML discusses the following:
1. Fed to lift interest rates today, what will it mean for you
2. Trump candidates do well on Tuesday primaries
3. Elon Musk votes red for first time, supports DeSantis over Trump
4. Abortions in 2020 skyrocketed
6. Bogo for softgels ends today

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  1. I support DeSantis over Trump as well, but I live in FL so see first hand how effective he is. That having been said, I don’t think he has anywhere close to the popularity across the country that Trump does. My preference would be DeSantis for President and Trump for Governor of FL.

    • Don’t underestimate DeSantis. I am a Trump supporter but I hope DeSantis runs, because the Leftist media has not poisoned so many people against him as they have Trump. We could have 30% inflation, a million illegals a day streaming into the country, and 10% of the population dying from fentanyl and my sister in law would still not regret having voted for senile puppet grandpa Biden.

      • Yes! The same can be said of a few of my family members as well…who are supposedly conservative 🤷‍♀️. Not only did they vote for Biden as a vote against Trump but they refuse to admit Biden is a disaster.

      • DeSantis has no shot. He’s anti fracking and his state has red flag laws. He’s virtually the second coming of Marco. People don’t want a refined politician. I support him running though cuz I think competition will HELP Trump, but ya.

        • Trump has spent the last 2 years selling the vaccine and endorsing dumbass politicians that were against him. I don’t recall DeSantis anywhere saying he’s anti fracking. And people are moving to FL in leading surges across the country because DeSantis understands freedom.

    • I think Trump/DeSantis 2024 DeSantis 2028 and 2032 . That would actually give DeSantis 3 terms in office . Which I believe would be great for America.

  2. I like President Trump would support and vote for him if he runs but I gotta give the nod to DeSantis and I kind of hope President Trump would step aside and support Governor DeSantis

  3. I also support DeSantis!! Trump was a great president and did wonderful things for our country! He showed us just how great we can be but he was a bit too crass with his name calling and often times childish behavior!! Jmo

  4. I think things are too brutal from the left towards Trump. I don’t know that he can go thru the torture they would provide him and the uproar of him being president again for the Americans. I would love to see him as president but I have to agree. Need to push and support Desantis and get him voted into a 2 term Presidency

  5. DeSantis has said three times he does not want to run for President! I don’t believe he will if Trump runs! He is still learning m, and if you take notice, he is learning from Trump! Without Trump DeSantis would not have won! Why isn’t DeSantis just asked the question again for the third time?

  6. Either or. But one is a business man and the other a politician. Trump has his flaws, but we as a nation know him. DeSantis is a rising star and is obviously a great governor.
    Trump deserves his second term as his last win was stolen. Nothing would be more entertaining then to watch the left come unglued with a second Trump term.
    Trump unleashed would be the left’s worse nightmare. Trump has a long memory, a list of back stabbers and every name on that list needs a dose of Karma.
    I would vote for either one, but I think Trump, now has a better idea of what the left is capable of and has learned.

  7. Make no mistake. The left will attack any and all conservative, America first candidates going forward. Whether it is Trump, DeSantis or any future political heavyweight, they will be under attack. Therefore, only strong-willed, highly principled and steadfast patriots with backbone need apply.

  8. How soon we forget. Shame on you folks that support a DeSantis run. He’s articulate but it ends there. He follows Trump’s lead if you pay close attention. DeSantis is a career politician at best. DML continues to post anti Trump news at every opportunity!. DeSantis may be an option as a VP but that’s it!

    • What an idiotic statement. Just dumb. Yeah, all us people in FL wish we had a gov who was less articulate and more hands on. LOL. Oh wait, let me add I wish Ronny would tweet more.

      • No one said they wish he was less articulate. You’re wishy-washy for turning your back on Trump, who is the LEGITIMATE President!

      • No need to go Democrat on me. Just saying it is not his time. This is Trump’s election and it would be great to see a Trump DeSantis ticket. But make no mistake, DeSantis is a career politician at best. Yes he has done a great job in your state but he does not have and never will have Trump’s business acumen, just a fact. If it wasn’t for Trump’s support of DeSantis you’d have that shitbird Democrat that DeSantis barely beat. Trump pushed DeSantis across the finish line. Dummy!!!

        • If DeSantis were president and ran America like he does FL, he’d automatically be better than Trump. Trump has spent the last 2 years pushing the vaccine and has a bad track record of hiring people. DeSantis does not and he didn’t push the vaccine and made it voluntary for everyone.

    • No, you’re wrong. DeSantis is out front fighting the Leftists at every turn. He’s not just sitting back waiting for Trump to lead him. Florida is fortunate to have such a man as governor, the whole country would benefit from having him as President. Don’t forget that at his age, the Leftist media will suddenly start accusing Trump of the senility they refuse to see in whispering sharting Joe.

      • DeSantis is the establishment candidate. Don’t be fooled lol. Every never Trumper, including the Bush’s will be supporting him.

  9. I’ll say it again Trump need to stay Herr in Florida for 6 more years he’s done a phenomenal job and we are blessed!!! So let’s have trump for 4 more years then desantis can run in 2028!!!!

    • Yes, I could see that. I would vote for Former President Trump again without hesitation, of course! I just think DeSantis brings some different strengths to the table that our country could use. President Trump did a great job. I do think he was too trusting of many in DC though. Giving Faucci and “scarf lady” (as DML calls her 😂)such power was a huge error. I’m sure he has learned from his mistakes though

  10. I’d like to have 4 years of Trump followed by 8 years of DeSantis. That’s enough time to fix the damage and make the country strong again.

  11. I love 45. Unfortunately he was cheated out of another 4 years by the corrupt of DC. He is and was a great president, if the corruption had been brought to the surface instead of being thrown under the rug our country would have been going strong. We all are paying the price of this dishonesty. Now they continue with the lies and add new lies for their own selfish purposes. I think 45 should help Ron DeSantis become the next president. Maybe even be Vice President. Working behind the scenes would be golden. Ron DeSantis is younger has a lot of experience as governor of Florida and I believe do a great job if he sticks with his principles. We need a clean slate for the next 8 years. I voted for 45 but I believe he cannot get that 4 years back. Ron DeSantis was in Congress and a Governor so he knows how to navigate DC. Putting Egos aside 45 could do so much more behind the scenes. 45 could also relax abit. Like me he is no spring chicken and deserves a few years of peace.

  12. Please people do your research DeSantis is no different . Most states that are ran by red governors typically stay With rights to continue to stay b power just as left takes away and causes chaos .
    This is way deeper then this . The thing is most don’t even get who DeSantis is who he sold out to , who is the biggest threat to the US , who is after our kids (truly) who is destroying the US from the inside out just like they planned .
    So forget trump , DeSantis and start back hundreds of years .
    Who owned the ships who brought slaves over , who is pushing the transgender on our kids, the path to no rights , it’s not who u think it is or just the left . Our politicians are bad they sold out a long time ago .

    Go look deeper into policy’s passing in Florida you would lose it when u see what he hide in deeper.
    Wake up it’s 2 sides they say what needs to b said to control u

  13. Trump 2024 & Desantis 2028 & 2032! Trump’s karma for the rigged election..& everything he’s done for our country..holding the swamp accountable..That’s a breath of fresh air! 🙂

  14. Yeah.. but then Elon followed that tweet up by saying he’d create a super pac for centrists.. is that really what we want to go back to? A centrist? DeSantis is establishment. He supported Rubio lol. How people can’t see this is beyond me. And he has the personality of Jeb.

  15. Desantis has already said he’s not going to run. On TV, etc. & Floridians love him & couldn’t replace him as Governor. People Love Trump. That’s why he had thousands at all his rallies. If Florida could find another good one to replace Desantis then he would make a good V/P.

  16. Ok all you DeSantis lovers explain this.. how can you over look all the illegals he has allowed in the state of FL? I mean is the border not important? Look at FL It don’t even feel like USA in most areas. They don’t even speak English..

  17. If DeSantis runs the Gauntlet starts anew ! They now have less to throw at Trump as he has beaten it all, they will attack DeSantis moreso then Trump, I say let Trump finish his last 4 years then put DeSantis in for 8 that’s a 12 year Victory for us all.


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