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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 39-minutes today.

DML covers an array of news topics.

-Elon Musk puts out cryptic tweet about his own death
-Russia pushes anti-US messaging including nuke war
-Florida becoming Trump country
-Leftists threaten justices over Roe V Wade leak
-Warnings of blackouts throughout US over energy issues

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  1. I agree with Connie and Pete, it’s the demoRats that want him dead because, after all, you just can’t have people saying truthful stuff about anything!!

  2. So any attempt anyone makes to help repair this country has a target on their back? And we’re the extremists and terrorists according to the radical left!

  3. Democrats are nothing but a pile of rotten dog shit! Especially dumbass Bidum, Peolussi, Smuckles, and the merry band of perverts


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