DML Ep.74: How 65,000 Fake Students Are Robbing You Blind

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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 53-minutes for today.

DML interviews professor and whistleblower Kim Rich.

Rich has revealed how 65,000 students (who are fake) are stealing billions from taxpayers. Meanwhile, the colleges appear to care less, here is why…

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  1. Those bots using fake names like Obama, & Trump, are so Brazen, & they are ALL laughing @ the system & how easy it is for them to cheat the system, & get rich!

  2. Excellent podcast , a real eye opener . Bless her for her efforts and her continued persistance in bringing awareness and knowledge to the rest of us . I see a great book deal for her on this .BTW when she mentioned KENYA , well my antennas went up , just sayin


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