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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 71-minutes for this day.

DML interviews 3-time best selling author, Johan Hari.

Hari’s new book is getting rave reviews around the world. The book, STOLEN FOCUS: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, is another best seller.

DML interviews Hari about why kids, workers, and retirees are having issues staying focused and how things can be improved.

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  1. Wow wake up call. I dropped off social media but haven’t stopped reading and watching the News. It dosent matter what source we go to, I find I am addicted to my phone, or TV. I appreciate your guest and your time. I know how much time you give to us listeners.

  2. Thank u for the great interview with
    Yohan!! (Phonetically spelled!!)
    I lives his stories and appreciate all of the awesome info!! I’ll b buying his books!


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