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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour for today.

DML covers an array of topics with co-host Alec Lace.

-Navy goes trans-woke
-Crime rises in 6 cities
-Mayor goes after motor bikes instead of criminals
-Wright family gets over $3M
-Black Pledge forced upon students
-Uvalde update
-More immigrants coming via Dems
-Biden tax holiday and Obama’s prior comments clash
-Inflation gets worse as WH ignores recession fears
-Kids now get boosters

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  1. I thanks God I’m got out of the Navy before this bullshit came down. I’d be in Captain’s Mast every day! Not only that, but, as a conservative, I’d have already been shown the door. Charles Payne (also a veteran) was right last night on Gutfeld. “We might as well just hand the keys to the country over to China.” And Biden’s doung his damndest to do just that! He’s in bed with that regime, and he’s doing his job for them.

  2. Woke what is woke a bunch of idiots trying to rewrite the truth. Example:Two sexes is truth. Denying truth to fit a selfish non working agenda is woke reality. We need to have more mental health facilities built to commit woke patients aka Insane folks in. If you cannot stand up for truth you are one of the woke!

  3. We are being run by morons. This is so disgusting. Are these people playing with a full deck. . Nikita Khrushchev Said he would bury us from with in. Dems are treasoness

  4. If you are even left leaning just a little bit or a Democratic numbskull you are an enemy of the state and shy e handled accordingly


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