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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 59-minutes for this day, June 23.

DML focuses the entire hour on the debate over 2024 and who should be the nominee to beat Joe Biden. Is it Trump or DeSantis? DML makes the case for the Florida governor.

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  1. Sorry don’t agree with you DML. I like DeSantis And I think he would be a great president however I don’t think that he would go after the criminals that have done so much damage to this country. Investigations are necessary and indictments and convictions must follow. Trumps policies were pro United States of America and he had this country moving forward. His second term was stolen from him and he deserves a second term. DeSantis 2028

    • This podcast was posted at 11:!5, you wrote your comment at 11:29, which means you did not listen to the podcast, and therefore I cannot listen to you.

      • I totally agree with Strpl2020… Trump is the only one that will have the guts to go after these corrupt people within our government, department of justice and military!! DeSantis would never do that, Trump 2024 !!!

        • 👍👍👍
          Trump isn’t a politician and DeSantis is. Trump has a long memory and karma is waiting for those who stabbed him in the back.

      • DML. I listened to the podcast and after doing so it just reinforced my disagreement about Trump with you.
        I have been following you for some time now. And while I do agree with you that Trump does have his faults just like any other president his overall job performance while he was president was damn good. What he was able to accomplish in those four years was outstanding due to the fact that he was maliciously attacked every single day while he was president. You have to give him credit as we had an incredible economy, Until the biological attack by China on the entire world, we were energy independent for the first time since I’ve been alive. He rebuilt a depleted military and had a foreign diplomacy to where we as a nation were respected around the world. We did not have Putin, Kim Jong-un and Xi Creating turmoil around the world. His peace deals in the middle east were an incredible accomplishment.
        His pro America, America first policies for what this country badly needs are.
        I like you are very pro DeSantis. However I am concerned that if DeSantis
        Becomes president in 2024 that he will sidestep doing the necessary investigations, indictments, and convictions that must be done to prosecute the people responsible for the stolen 2020 election, The Russia Russia scandal, the uranium one scandal, and as you know that scandal list is very long. The department of justice needs to be cleaned up ie: the FBI. The investigation into the Biden family and its involvement with China and Ukraine must be followed through Along with the entire Clinton fiasco. I believe that Trump would follow through on that narrative.
        Then if DeSantis runs in 2028 I firmly believe that he would have a eight year run based on what he has done in Florida.

    • We need DeSantis to stay in Florida. I would wish what they have done to Trump on anyone. I pray for both leaders everyday

  2. I’m just a little concerned with the media backing DeSantis?! Something doesn’t gel, media backing a conservative? Really?!🤪

    • Media will not cut their nose off to spite their face. Ron Desantis is a level, logical, direct person that can implement a plan. Not much of those today…it is hard to ignore a leader. Take the time and listen to his full address of Florida’s budget…I almost fell off my chair because there really is a person in government with a brain. He is not evasive, he is not woke, and he has stood up to the federal government, Biden, and anyone who attempts to threaten the citizens of Florida!

  3. I like DeSantis but not for 2024 I think Trump will win in 2024 and then DeSantis in 2028. I Vote with my MAGA crew Trump 2024 and #FJB

  4. Dennis poor misguided soul…if you lived in Florida under his term in office you would understand..he is NOT the man for President

  5. Sorry Dennis , I don’t agree about Trump. He , along with every one else has his faults and DeSantis has his! In my mind Trump should be potus and DeSantis VP. The. He can run for potus I 2028

    • I Agree! I like Trump but so many people despise him…even some conservatives. Go with DeSantis and have Trump VP (which Trump would never agree to) or Secretary of State ..somewhere in the administration.

      • Dede, the people who despise President Trump are NOT TRUSTWORTHY THEMSELVES! Either THEY ARE CORRUPT or completely misguided!! DeSantis is NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE PRESIDENT! We need A FIGHTER! Someone that can get in there and CONTINUE TO EXPOSE AND GET RID OF ALL THE CORRUPT HUMAN BEINGS TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA!!
        Maybe DeSantis in 2028!

  6. As much as I would love to agree with you DML on DeSantis, in 2024…we need him as Gov. for FL! There is nothing running on the 2022 ballot that will strongly represent “we the people” like Gov. DeSantis has done and is doing!
    Rubio is weak + Rhino only sometimes trustworthy.
    Christ now a Democrat…is a fish out of water that likes to flop all over the place!
    Completely untrustworthy!

  7. Absolutely not. He’s done nothing about the red flag laws in his state, over 8,000 guns have been seized the past few years because of it, he has the charisma of Jeb, and every Never Trumper under the sun is already backing him. If you can’t see he’s the establishment candidate, just like his buddy Marco, idk what to tell you.

    Trump has his own flaws, yes. He’ll be 78 for starters, but at least I know for damn sure McConnell isn’t hoping he wins.

    Look closer at the people supporting DeSantis, Dennis. It’s not so much about him, but the people that support him. It’s the people that spread neocon talking points, want to “move on” from Trump, yet use him for endorsements, then blame him for everything. They think Rubio is a “populist.” They believe the 2020 election was legit. They’re also the ones that love identity politics and want the republican party to be a “big tent” party.

  8. I have been free in my town and I haven’t worn a mask in a long time. FL WEATHER is terrible. I live in a mostly red town. You have good ideas but TRUMP has been the best President in my lifetime. I have to be loyal to him. We know the errors he made.

  9. I went back and finished listening. I still dont agree. While I like DeSantis , I just think Trump is what we need. You don’t like his tweets, things he said, because he fights back… but those are things I love about him! He’s a fighter! You hit him he hits back! As he should! He’s not perfect but he is perfect for the job! The establishment also need a to know who is in charge! We the people ! Not them! By succumbing to their damned demands of never Trump just encourages them and lets them know that we give in to their riots and pillaging !

    • You are 100% correct! We need a FIGHTER TO TAKE DOWN THE CABAL! The Establishment GOP and “never Trumpers” are as CORRUPT/EVIL and TREASONOUS AS THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS!!! Trump knew what he was doing, including all his tweets! DRAWING OUT THE RATS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! And it worked…. they are EXTREMELY EVIL AND DANGEROUS, AND NEED TO BE IN LEG IRONS! THERES ONLY ONE MAN THAT CAN AND WILL NAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS!!!
      DONALD JOHN TRUMP, President 2024

  10. Dml, do you really think the left, the CIA, the FBI, the main stream media won’t go after Desantis just as hard as they do Trump. Im a Floridian and will have to make a tough decision, but i think it’s naive to compare leading a state and being POTUS. Is Desantis strong enough to get things done under the heat nationally? Trump and Desantis would do well to let the base they will work together regardless who’s POTUS!

  11. Ron DeSantis is NOT STRONG ENOUGH (yet)! He doesn’t have the absolute GUTS it takes to do what President Trump did for the last 5+ years!! And WILL DO going forward! President Trump KNOWS WHO HE IS & CAN FIGHT THESE TREASONOUS BAS*ards! He needs all of us to have his back! Who had his back before?? He was fighting ALL THE CORRUPTION & TREASONOUS jackals ALONE! Maybe 10 people were there for him, ie Nunes!! NO ONE ELSE has the guts to stand up to the corruption NO ONE!!!
    TRUMP 2024!!!!!!!!
    PS… I have lived in Florida almost all of my life!!

  12. Great podcast DML, agree with 100%. Anybody that has been paying attention to the workings of our government knows democrats have infected every facet of the federal government to the point it is clearly obvious even in our military. We need a president who first recognizes that but can also manage that battlefield. It’s obvious from all of Trumps failed choices for key roles in his government that he has a hard time distinguishing friend from foe. The culmination of those failures was how his ego let him get played by all the career democrat bureaucrats when COVID came on the scene.

    He should have never closed the country to international flights early in the pandemic that only that escalated the fear and paranoia. And he should have never fell for and got behind the operation WARP speed effort to develop a vaccine for a cold virus that medical science has known for decades are fast mutating viruses and impossible to develop effective vaccines for.

    I hope and prey DeSantis runs. Had he not been there as governor of Florida and the first governor with the courage to step up and call BS on the CDC narratives on masks, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, imagine were we would be now. We had several governors who followed his leadership, but none of them had the courage to take the lead.

  13. Not really sure why any of this matters- Voting is futile. THEY will say who we can and cannot have from this point forward, PERIOD. And I truly believe that.

  14. Trump ended his career. He let them steal the country. And he endorsed democrats. His support is evaporating in Ohio

    • Your deluded! President Trump didn’t let them steal anything!! Not enough people stood with him, and the CORRUPTION AND TREASONOUS DEEP STATE GOES ALMOST TO THE CORE OF THE EARTH! It Takes time and exposure to unearth the cabal!
      Even the Supreme Court would not hear the mountain of evidence! Either they are scared or also corrupt! It Doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out!!

    • No it’s not, I live in Ohio and the people in my area still back Trump 100%. I don’t know what area you live in.

  15. DeSantis all the way! He has Trump policies, is a strong leader, and is not a narcissist therefore less chaos! Trump won’t win a second term!

  16. DeSantis is at the top of the Republican Party because of Trump’s Presidency of America and Americans first agenda. Trump had to backdown and let the Governors do the job because Trump was under attack 24/7 for years and couldn’t take a chance of adding to it becoming a dictator. Trump will win in 2024 and DeSantis will keep teaching other governors Trump’s agenda. Trump will be busy draining the swamp and keeping corruption out of government.

  17. DeSantis needs to stay in Florida to protect everything that he has accomplished there. When he has secured Florida then he can go for the run and good luck to him!!

  18. I totally get what your saying bc we have had one hell of a ride and with DeSantis it would be like a fresh start. I love Trump but I wish he would think before he speaks sometimes, but we can’t forget he was not a politician so I believe he didn’t play by the corrupt politicians rules so Noone liked him. I think everyone needs to pray for our country and stay faithful 🙏

  19. So Paul Ryan is the great Oz behind Trump’s curtain? DML…you are really twisting yourself into a pretzel on that one, trying to diminish 45’s economy. The derangement syndrome is showing. De Santis is awesome. So is Trump. Do a show about how we need MORE patriots running for office, rather than backbiting one of the two good guys out there that actually did something for us. You are better than that!

    • Only a small mind writes this sort of comment. DML explained that Ryan was the designer of the tax bill signed into law. He said Ryan is a jerk, but he did create the plan. DML read Trump’s plan straight from Trump’s book, but somehow you skipped that in your small minded statement.

  20. Totally agree 💯. I am a Florida resident since 2012. Moved from Ohio. I am sure a suitable replacement for Desantis can be found. Perhaps it’s you DML.

  21. I will believe that President Trump lost the 2020 election if Biden truly got 80 million votes. Who do you think had more votes-Obama or Biden? It WAS NOT Biden. I believe Trump did win. I also see your point and makes me think who is better for our country. No matter who runs-I will vote Republican-the demoncrats are killing our country!!!

  22. DML I have to agree with you 100% on Trump. I will vote Desantis for governor and President of USA in 2024. A real Florida Cracker.

  23. NOPE! Trump 2024!!! Trump is a businessman and he had our economy spinning like a top until it was detailed by COVID. We need him back to straighten things out and get our economy back under control so we can afford to live again! And COVID was not his fault!!! No one knew how to deal with it when it hit but I think he eventually figured out that it was being controlled by the Dems. He may be older now but he is still very sharp! Maybe DeSantis in 2028. MAGA!!!!!

      • Again, NOPE! Trump would not let it happen again. He would have gotten things back on track like no one else in his second term. How quickly some forget about all of the great things that Trump accomplished! And I like that he communicated the truth about what was going on and how the swamp hated it. Still the best president of my lifetime. DeSantis may have a shot but not now! Trump 2024 all the way!!! MAGA King!!!

  24. So disappointed in DML and I am always raving about him. But not now and makes me wonder about him. Yes I love DeSantis, I have family in Fla and he is the best ever. But trump is our president!!!! I don’t care if people don’t like him , who gives a F. I can’t stand Biden!!!! Trump is who we need and if the RIno’s don’t want him , who cares get rid of them. We need trump!!!! End of story

  25. Oh no I think that Donald Trump wants to be Speaker of the House. He wants to set it all straight on both sides of the isle. While Kevin McCarthy thinks he’s got it in the bag, he’s one of the many Times that gotta go! He turned his back in Trump & then changed his mind. We will not forget. I’d like to see Trump run but perhaps Don Jr will take his place. He’s pretty darn knowledgeable & would not let anyone bulldoze him. I like him. I also like Jim Jordan. He’s a true blue Republican who speaks truth. Many like McConnell, Romney, Graham & Murowski & a few more should looser their seats. That’s enough now. We need law & order not pacifiers!

  26. It’s the Democrats who want DeSaints to run for President because they are scared to death of Trump. This is there way to take over Florida and get ride of Trump!

  27. Every Republican POTUS has been slaughtered by the MSM and the left and accused of cheating. I remember back when Reagan was elected!! It’s never stopped!! They hated Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr….but not as much as they hated Trump. DeSantis will reap the same fate as all other Republican Presidents. They found a way (or so they thought) to break Trump. Didn’t happen. Trump is tough. That’s what we need especially after Poopy Pants has his black heart set on destroying the country!!

  28. Wow, interesting take. Read all the responses. From my perspective Trump is known, both the good and bad. DeSantis is a rising star. I am not so sure DeSantis has the fortitude to take on the left on a national level. Trump has learned from past mistakes and he is not a polished politician. Trump would not be concerned about winning another term. He would push and not back down.
    DeSantis might be a great option down the road, but remember he also has his wife to think about. I am sure any decision on running would have to be weighed carefully with his wife’s health.

  29. What a short memory some have, the best economy, strengthened our military, destroyed Isis, under Trump.Go back and listen to Trumps inauguration speech and tell me the swamp wasn’t seething mad and conspiring against him from day 1.He was an outsider who upset their business as usual corruption. I like Desantis, but will only vote for Trump.Let’s set things right.Trump 2024.

  30. I love Trump, but DML convinced me. Trump backing the wrong person in Alabama is unforgivable… That, plus DMLs words today have convinced me.

  31. I finally listened to your Podcast today. You definitely made some valid points about Trump and the many people you mentioned he said were great, then, “You’re Fired.” Maybe, he was acting in his role for his show, “The Apprentice”? Lol. Of course, his job as President was “real” life with “real” consequences for “real” peoples lives.😳 His ego and his Twitter rants were what did him harm in the long run. Things he did to a Gold Star family just were wrong. You just don’t disrespect a military family and earn peoples approval. After I voted for Trump, he did many other things too that I thought, “Uh Oh, this is not good”. I saw it early on. I don’t find fault in Trump for fighting back after being attacked from day one and exposing the media and the corruption in Washington! After all, that is what “We The People” sent him there to do! Drain the Swamp! He stood up to them all, but, paid a huge price in doing so. He had great policies, and stood his ground to all Foreign and Domestic relations. He was respected by Kim Un Jung and Putin. On the world stage many said he was an “embarrassment” to America? Why? Because he would not accept certain policies that were hurting America? He was helping America not get ripped off by China! Put Tariffs on Mexico. Trump did many good things for his love of country. He helped the Veterans and Walter Reed Hospital in better treatment for our vets. I could go on and on, but, he did a lot in his first 4 years and I thank him for paving the way forward to a new “Make America First” movement. I am kind of on the fence about a Trump run for 2024. I feel like you do. I believe there was fraud in the 2016 election. There’s proof. Washington is too powerful and I believe they would do the same thing all over again. They would cheat because they hate him that much. Why would he want to put himself or his family through that misery again? He still has his campaign rallies, his own Truth App, he’s in good standing with the GOP. He sponsor’s certain candidates like Dr. Oz who I know you don’t think is a good pick, but, I like him. Trump is doing his part to help. You are right, Trump’s not allowed on Twitter, Facebook, etc. He does not have that reach now. You made me think about Trump’s decision’s in his bad choices of the people he has around him and how he throws out the ones who disagree with him. It’s my way or the highway with Trump. That’s not a good trait and you have to be able to work across the isle with both parties, Democrat and Republican. Part of me feels Trump deserves a second chance to serve another term. The other part feels did he learn from his mistakes? Will the Chaos continue? People don’t want the Chaos! Like you, I would be fine with Trump as President serving another term getting Joe Biden voted out…if Ron Desantis does not run. Ron Desantis would be my first choice, but, I really don’t think many people want to lose him as their Florida governor. Running a nation is quite different from running a state. He seems like a strong leader. He has many qualities I like. He gets things done! Stands up and fights like Trump and does not back down. He’s younger and has a military background. I learned some of his other qualities from your podcast. No one really knows how they will be once they are voted in! Lots of politicians always boast of the promises they will keep, then after they get sworn in they never follow through on those promises. Candice Owens is a favorite of mine. She is conservative, intelligent, not racist, and does not shy away from “hot topics”! She would be my choice someday as a woman for President or Vice President, but, I don’t think she has enough experience yet to run in 2024. I will continue to research candidates who will be a potential run for 2024. It will be interesting to see who will join the race for the Whitehouse.

  32. DML are you running for governor in 2024?? Because thats what it sounds like. Trump deserves his title. DeSantis learned everything from Trump bottom line. Trump helped DeSantis. My goodness keep talking bad about Trump look what he accomplished and what he was up against. I’m surprised he was still standing after Russia Russia. Another President would have resigned how could you even think straight with all that stress and knowing it was all BS. Nope Trump 2024 he won and you even said you saw the movie. Trump needs to run in 2024.not DeSantis 2028. DeSantis has time it’s not his turn. What happened to you since you moved you always loved Trump. You flip flop all the time. Trump 2024

  33. DML Trump 2024!!!!! Oz was a good choice Trumps smart he knows why he picked him. He isn’t stupid. Oz will win PA and it’s better to have a Manchin then another radical. Btw are you pushing DeSantis because maybe you want to run for governor??? Trump should run he did a great job and let’s not forget what he was up against. Another President would have resigned. You flip flop all the time since you moved.


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