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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Saturday is 43-minutes.

DML publishes this special DML REPORT weekend podcast episode amid the protests surrounding the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

DML puts things into easy to understand language as he addresses the concerns of conservatives who believe the decision places momentum with Democrats. Will this hurt the GOP’s chances to win the midterms and eventually beat Joe Biden in 2024? DML addresses it all.

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  1. No it won’t hurt the GOP at all in the midterms. Democrats want it to because they will latch onto anything for help. Most of the activists protesting would have probably voted Democrat anyway. People are more worried about gas, food, commodity prices and inflation coming because of this disastrous Democrat administration who are to blame for all of this. Why would anyone be dumb enough vote for more of the same? Be smart vote red!

  2. This won’t hurt reps,libs will latch onto this as an election platform because they failed everything else .It’s done,over,deal with it,hopefully some libs will educate themselves and understand what this ruling means.Youve lost NO rights as it was never in the Constitution to begin with.Its now on the state you live in ,many woke company’s are offering free plane tickets,$$, whatever for you to get an abortion, if it’s that important to you,do it or make a decision BEFORE your moment of passion,not after…

  3. To me this all old hat, the real target that needs to be repudiated is the sick Greenshirt cabal of big money scams like EV, bird killing wind and Solar with a pure Soviet styled “climate science” as justification. Not a stick of empirical proof backs it.

    The built in Marxism and cronyism speaks for itself.

    • Roberts agreed to uphold the abortion law in Missouri, but basically recused himself from overturning. So it was basically 5-3-1 lol.

  4. Dennis is correct, per usual. Democrats will make it a story as long as they can to take the pressure off inflation, but the midterms (in my opinion) will be decided by independents. Independents don’t care about abortion. If they did, they’d most likely be a democrat or a republican. They care about getting food on the table and what’s going on in schools.

  5. ☝️ I’m not sure why Dennis said those states will allow it. Danes just say no way and I’m sure DeSantis will do the same.

  6. I have to disagree with Phoebe. Florida law allows abortion up to 15 weeks. I’m not sure if they allow the after pill.

  7. The more gas prices go up and food and goods get more expensive NO ONE will care about abortions. Especially when school starts back and kids need school clothes and supplies.

  8. Well that last thing that was ranting needs a straight jacket pronto . Great podcast today thankyou for your words and want to help people we certainly all relate to what is happening . Blessings

  9. DML is right. Abortion will be the splinter and the majority of people will focus on the Economy, Inflation, and money to support their families and businesses. Vote Republican and make it a landslide!!!!!


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